Enchanted Walk: Cradle Mountain Highlight

You may have gathered from previous articles that we like eating and walking. So when we discovered we could combine these two activities on the Enchanted Walk, we were pretty chuffed.

Enchanted Walk - Rainforest

Waterfall, rainforest, wildlife, river… the Enchanted Walk has it all

Cradle Mountain National Park: Enchanted Walk

We’ve not written much about Cradle Mountain National Park, because it’s been covered so well before us. Everyone has heard about the attraction and it’s extremely popular. If the Cradle Mountain Visitor Experience Master Plan is adopted, the tourism advances for the region will be off the charts. But we still wanted to mention one of our favourite Cradle Mountain experiences of late: the Enchanted Walk.

Enchanted Walk - Cascading River

Enchanted Walk: manageable for families and includes a cascading waterfall

Cradle Mountain Lodge

We had a fabulous time exploring Dove Lake complete with Boat Shed and Glacier Rock highlights. Then we returned to the National Park Interpretation Centre on the shuttle bus. And now we will reveal ourselves as novelty bushwalkers with this frank admission: the idea of relaxing on the deck of Cradle Mountain Lodge with a cold drink was irresistible.

Enchanted Walk - Cradle Mountain Lodge

Enchanted Walk via Cradle Mountain Lodge

We left the Interpretation Centre and trekked the Enchanted Walk first. It was brilliant. Mostly level boardwalk, the track is a 20-minute circuit graded easy; anyone could negotiate the route. We’d seen plenty of wombats at Cradle Mountain throughout the day, but only encountered the tell-tale square dung on this section of path.

Enchanted Walk - Birds

Murder on the Deck… clever caption by Carmel Rohl via Facebook

At Cradle Mountain Lodge, we sat on the deck rejoicing in the day’s outstanding autumn weather. We admired the birds, and they admired our hot chips. We wished we could’ve stayed longer. But we always like to have reason to return to a place, and that’s what we’ll do. One day!

Enchanted Walk - Drinks

Refreshments during our day of bushwalking at Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain Lodge is located at 4038 Cradle Mountain Road, Cradle Mountain in the north west region of Tasmania. Phone (03) 6492 2100 for details or follow Cradle Mountain Lodge on Facebook.

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Map: Enchanted Walk, Cradle Mountain…

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