People come into our lives for a variety of reasons. Ashi Edwards is one person I am very glad to have met. Let me explain the circumstances of our meeting by revealing an introductory letter, written to Think Tasmania by Ashi Edwards herself.

Ashi Edwards - Hobart Tasmania
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Ashi Edwards now lives and works in Hobart Tasmania with husband Michael

Ashi Edwards: Helping and Healing

Hi Tania,

I have just responded to your site following your article about pet-friendly accommodation in Tasmania.

My husband Michael and I are new to Hobart and have just opened a clinic in our home in Sandy Bay called Sandy Bay Natural Therapies. We offer Homeopathy, Clinical Reflexology, Pregnancy Reflexology and Lifestyle Advice.

We offer these great therapies to both locals and tourists visiting Hobart and work a multitude of hours to suit the needs of our clients. People may also want to learn simple techniques of reflexology; we can offer instruction while they stay in Hobart, either with us or at other accommodation.


On our premises we are going to open self-contained accommodation called Sandy Bay Chalet. It will be an up-market accommodation offering for the travelling public, but in particular for those travelling with their pets on holiday: gorgeous dogs, bunnies and other small animals (excluding cats).

In addition we will be offering doggie day care for small dogs as their human parents go on day trips to see tourist attractions such as national parks. We will provide great doggie day care with walks to the lovely beaches in Sandy Bay; supply home-made, hormone-free doggie treats and basically just spoil the dogs. We have two very spoiled doggy children of our own: Rockey and Lola.

We would love to invite Think Tasmania to visit us and experience a great treatment of Reflexology/Reiki. Come over and let us spoil and pamper you!

Kind regards

Michael and Ashi Edwards

Meeting Ashi Edwards

I have since been to meet Ashi Edwards, and she is a dynamo! There’s so much to tell you all, I don’t know where to start. Let me break it down into parts…

Sandy Bay Chalet (the up-market, pet-friendly accommodation) is already looking superb. Due for completion in a few months, the final touches will include fabric sourced in India and a garden designed by Tino Carnivale.

Ashi Edwards - Sandy Bay Chalet
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Sandy Bay Chalet, soon to open as up-market, pet-friendly accommodation in Hobart

Sandy Bay Natural Therapies will no doubt be a huge success. Ashi Edwards is clearly very accomplished and passionate about her work. From my own personal experience, it’s obvious she has extraordinary intuition when it comes to matters of health and well-being.


Hobart is so fortunate this couple arrived in Tasmania and plan to stay. After working for 10 years in London’s world-renowned Harley Street, and with 17 years experience in the natural health industry, Michael and Ashi moved to Australia. They spent several years searching other states for the climate and lifestyle they yearned. There’s no surprise to learn they’ve followed their dream to destination Tasmania.

Ashi Edwards - Pampering
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I sat in this very chair, and enjoyed my first treatment with Ashi Edwards

Ashi Edwards - Clinic
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The clinic was warm and welcoming, and smelled absolutely divine!!

Any pets in Doggie Day Care with Ashi Edwards will be spoiled rotten!! After my reflexology treatment, I came home with some freshly-baked liver treats for my fur-baby… and wow! Coco certainly did sit up and take notice!!

Ashi Edwards - Holistic Health
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Following a serious car accident, Ashi Edwards studied holistic health and natural therapies

There’s lots of information still to share about all these business ventures, but I must say that meeting Ashi Edwards is an experience itself. Despite an unreasonable share of personal challenges in her own life, she is still full of positive energy and community spirit. Although relative newcomers, Michael and Ashi already volunteer at the Hobart Dogs Home and support a community garden enterprise in Chigwell. They plan to live a self-sustainable lifestyle as they revamp their new property. They’re going to great lengths to ensure good health and well being for all who visit; a Feng Shui consultant has already assessed both the clinic and the chalet.

Ashi Edwards - Sandy Bay Natural Therapies
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Sandy Bay Natural Therapies provide a range of information and advice to clients

If a series of treatments at Sandy Bay Natural Therapies can generate half the motivation and enthusiasm for life that Ashi Edwards displays… look out world. I will soon be turbo-charged.

For more information, visit the Sandy Bay Natural Therapies website.
You can also follow Sandy Bay Natural Therapies on Facebook. The clinic
is at 70 Waimea Avenue in Sandy Bay; phone (03) 6225 4226 for
bookings. You can also contact Michael and Ashi Edwards by email.

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