So the car. Tasmania, it seems, means green! Thanks to everyone for helping us choose between green and blue for the logo.

“Green seems appropriate for Tassie, it speaks of clean and natural”
(Susan, via Facebook)

The Car Tasmania: Great Reveal

We couldn’t agree more, Susan! And here’s the result of the sign-writing…

Car Tasmania - New Think Tasmania Green Logo
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New logo for the car: Tasmania here we come!

Car Tasmania - Green Logo on the Door
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Watch out for that car, Tasmania!

With thanks to Ampersand Signs & Displays 105 Mornington Road, Mornington TAS 7018

We will also keep using the blue version. If the Australian Commonwealth Games team can wear a mixture of colours like a packet of M&M’s at the opening ceremony – so can we.

And we think the blue represents the fabulous waterways and clear skies also well known in Tasmania!

Now you’ll be able to see us when we travel around the state.   That’s a good thing, because some of us (who shall remain nameless, hey Jemima!) are terrible drivers. So when Jemima is at the wheel of the car,  Tasmania – watch out! Otherwise come and say hello – we’d love to meet you.

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