by Roger Findlay

Editor’s Note:  Many thanks to Casaveen Knitwear Managing Director Clare McShane for providing the photos to accompany Roger’s article.

Like many other people, I am sick of imported rubbish! Shoes and clothes fit nicely into this category. It’s so hard these days to find anything that’s actually made in Australia. Apart from their boots, most of the RM Williams range is imported. Oatlands is a small town in the centre of Tasmania. Casaveen Knitwear is one of Tasmania’s best kept secrets… but not anymore, because I’m going to tell you how to shop for Christmas!

Casaveen - Tasmanian-made Knitwear
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Casaveen Knitwear: Oatlands Tasmania

McShane Family: Tasmanian-made Knitwear

For many years, the McShane family have been running this small business from their premises in High Street, Oatlands near the church. They employ local girls, use local wool and proudly display the “Australian Made and Owned” logo on their high-quality finished product.

Casaveen - Oatlands Tasmania
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Knitwear made in Oatlands Tasmania by Casaveen

Business has been lively in recent years enabling an upgrade to computer controlled knitting machines. To supplement the equipment, the girls need exceptional skills for machine setting, change-overs, finishing operations and quality control. They enjoy working there and are optimistic about the future.

Oatlands: Knitwear, Tours and Cafe

My wife Jeanette and I are regular visitors and have had a personalised guided tour through the operation by the proud owner. If you intend visiting, allow about an hour and a half so that you can enjoy the café as well as the short tour. I guarantee that you will leave with at least one garment.

Casaveen - Knitwear Made in Australia
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Casaveen: Oatlands Tasmania, knitwear

Christmas in Tasmania

Tania Horne (editor of Think Tasmania) has a very special husband named Gavin. He tends to talk in his sleep and, when we shared a tent on the Bay of Fires walk, I heard him mutter something about buying Tania the best present she’s ever had! Well, now’s your chance Gavin. Casaveen have a website and they do mail order. They show you how to measure and they usually have your style, colour and size. If not, they make it for you.

Casaveen - Knitwear Garments
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Knitwear garments available at Casaveen, Oatlands

Jeanette has quite a few Casaveen garments now. I have hidden the catalogue from her and I’m hoping she doesn’t read this!

Support your locals. Support Casaveen and the ladies of Oatlands.

If you’re shopping for Christmas, see the special offer from Casaveen, which includes free postage for three items or more in the one transaction.

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