Corinna: what an amazing place. Pristine! A little cabin, kayaking the beautiful Pieman River (a little Gordon in our eyes), bush walks and a little pub. Perfect!

Corinna - Pieman River Kayak
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Pieman River: Corinna Tasmania (photo by Richard Grimmett)

Corinna Tasmania: Wilderness Exposure

by Richard Grimmett

It was March 2012 that we went to Corinna. We set off with kayaks on our vehicles, looking for peaceful waters. We sure found them at Corinna. Having passed through twelve months prior, we’d vowed to return to this beautiful hamlet of cabins, camping sites and pub: The Tarkine Hotel.

Our six days there were so uncomplicated and relaxed. We walked in pristine rainforest, kayaked the amazing still waters of the Pieman River and rode (and steered) the Arcadia II, a glorious vessel made from Huon Pine, that took us to Lover’s Corner, and the river-mouth.

We kayaked to Savage River Inlet, where we tied up to the pontoon for morning tea, explored rainforest walks and information signs about the flora and fauna and the history of Corinna. A fantastic wilderness experience.

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