The cost of accommodation.  That topic has certainly been cause for heated debate just recently.  Roger’s article “Ten Things That Attract Me to Tasmania” sparked a discussion when he issued a warning to providers about pricing themselves out of the market.  And we couldn’t help but notice an article in The Mercury this week about the cost of accommodation.

Accommodation Ulverstone - Mezzanine Apartment
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The cost of accommodation in Tasmania has been cause for debate

The Cost of Accommodation: Value for Money

The Mercury article was focused on luxury, five-star holidays with all the bells and whistles (think Saffire Resort at Freycinet).  We don’t focus on that market, because they already get outstanding promotion and media coverage via Tourism Tasmania.  We tend to write about the other 95% of the market; places a bit more mid-range.

Bicheno Holiday House - Playing Cards
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What do you expect from your accommodation in Tasmania? And at what price?

What is a Reasonable Price to Pay for Accommodation?

So let’s talk about the cost of accommodation, using our current home-away-from-home in Burnie.  What would be a reasonable price to pay for a place with…

  • four bedrooms (with beds for seven)
  • two bathrooms (one ensuite & main with spa bath)
  • full kitchen (with modern appliances including two-door
    fridge/freezer, cook-top, stove & dishwasher)
  • laundry (with washing machine & clothes dryer)
  • lounge with large screen TV (and a second smaller TV
    in the master bedroom)
  • free WiFi (internet access)
  • iPod docking station
  • free parking and secure entrance

Optional Extras & Bonus Attractions

We must point out that the location is quiet and convenient to the central shopping district, but it doesn’t have a balcony with a bbq overlooking majestic views like the Bicheno Holiday House we wrote about.

Several extras have been provided, including washing powder, tea, coffee and cling wrap; but a luxury breakfast basket like that you’d receive at Alice’s Cottages in Launceston is (unfortunately) not included.

Alice's Cottages - Bed and Breakfast
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What sort of extras do you like included in the cost of accommodation?

We have easy access to a major annual sporting event (the Burnie International tennis tournament); but there is no river stocked with trout in the backyard, or kayaks on the lawn like we enjoyed at Ulverstone River Retreat.

And there’s a beach just down the road, but we don’t have it right on our doorstep; as we’re expecting to find at Beachside Retreat West Inlet when we arrive in Stanley.

Please Consider: the Cost of Accommodation

There’s just a few things to consider when discussing the cost of accommodation in Tasmania.  Just as Roger described, we’ve stayed in some shocking places (and obviously we don’t write about them!!).  The kind of places that make you wish you’d stayed at home in your own clean and comfortable house, and abandoned the holiday altogether.

And just before we throw this open for a full-on argument, I would like to invite tourism operators to have their say.  Why don’t you tell our readers a little about the booking commissions you are forced to pay to advertise your properties?  It’s only fair that all the cards are laid on the table.

So… over to you now.  What are your views on the
cost of accommodation in Tasmania?  Do you holiday in Tassie,
love the experience and think you get value for money?
Is one Tasmanian region or town better or worse in terms of value?
Or do you choose to go elsewhere because it’s cheaper?
Maybe cost has nothing to do with your choice?
Let us know by leaving a reply below.

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Map: Cost of Accommodation, Burnie Tasmania…