There will be a new Espectra Photography Exhibition held October 18-20 at the Mill Gallery in Launceston. A group of artists and photographers will display their work: Jackie Cox, Lyn Turnbull, Sarah Cox and John Barbuto.

Espectra Photography Exhibition - Lyn Turnbull and Jackie Cox
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Lyn Turnbull (left) and Jackie Cox (right)

Mill Gallery: Espectra Photography Exhibition

Viewing will open at 2:00pm on Friday October 18 and close at 4:00pm on Sunday October 20. The official opening will be held from 5:00 to 7:00pm on Saturday October 19 when guests will be treated to complimentary wine and cheese.

The Espectra Photography Exhibition will showcase work from a unique group. Jackie Cox and two of her daughters, Lyn and Sarah will be joined by guest photographer John Barbuto. Each has their very own style and will bring something special to constitute an eclectic collection…

  • Lyn Turnbull – life paintings and drawings
  • Sarah Cox – travel photography
  • Jackie Cox – Tasmanian landscapes
Espectra Photography Exhibition - Tasmanian Landscapes
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Poppy panorama by Jackie Cox

Espectra Photography Exhibition - Waterfall
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Horseshoe Falls, Mt Field National Park

Available for purchase at special prices will be a large range of Tasmanian greeting cards, postcards, gift tags and magnets.

For more information, follow Espectra Photography and Design on Facebook; contact Jackie Cox by email or phone 0400 630 070. You’ll also find more details about the Espectra Photography Exhibition online.

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Map: Espectra Photography Exhibition, Launceston

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