We’d like to introduce our readers to Evans Tyres and Servicing. They are new sponsors, working with Think Tasmania for the month of August. We say hello, welcome and thanks to them for their assistance. And thanks to you too, because we know you’ll show them your ever-wonderful support. With a little help from our friends, we can continue sharing news and information about this great state of ours.

Evans Tyres and Servicing - Wheel Come to You
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Why Queue? Wheel Come To You: the slogan of Evans Tyres and Servicing

Evans Tyres and Servicing: Southern Tasmania

To be honest, we’ve not yet met the team from Evans Tyres and Servicing. We know they’re located in Geeveston, at 388 Scotts Road, and we plan to visit them at their workplace south of Hobart soon. The company is family-owned and operated, employing locals to keep their Tasmanian town and region moving! The business has just launched a new mobile division, and owners David and Luan Berry answered our Facebook post about promotion via Think Tasmania.


The newly introduced mobile tyre-changing initiative has a great slogan, and you know how much we love a good word-play. Why queue “wheel” come to you. Isn’t that clever? The service itself is also clever, and relevant to our readership, encompassing both locals and tourists. Apparently, the exclusive mobile system is a state first, and Evans Tyres and Servicing are rightly proud to be offering their customers such a convenient service.

Why Queue? Wheel Come to You…

As David and Luan explain (and we whole-heatedly agree) people lead busy lives these days. They understand that no-one wants to give up their precious lunch break to keep the dreaded appointment at the tyre shop. It creates a potentially hazardous situation if you continue driving on bald tyres though, so they’ve introduced this system as an alternative option. They’re hoping to encourage a safe driving record in their own community.

Evans Tyres and Servicing - New Tyres
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Purchase your new tyres at competitive prices from Evans Tyres and Servicing

As they say… why queue “wheel” come to you! Evans Tyres and Servicing will visit your home, business or virtually anywhere in southern Tassie. Thanks to an on-board powering system, they can provide service from Cockle Creek to Hobart and all places in-between.


David and Luan have designed a trailer that allows them to transport new tyres to the desired location. They’ll remove your worn tyres; add new tyres to your vehicle and perform an alignment. Right there on the spot. To eliminate all hassle, they’ll even take the old tyres away.

Evans Tyres and Servicing - Mobile Tyre-Changing Trailer
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A new trailer, fully-equipped to change tyres on the go

Mobile Servicing for Cars, Trucks, Tractors and Bikes

It’s not just car-owners who can benefit from this unique mobile service. Evans Tyres and Servicing can remove and replace tyres in all sizes, from a 14-inch car rim to a 26-inch tractor tyre. Problems with cars, trucks, buses, tractors and quad bikes can be solved with ease.

Evans Tyres and Servicing - Geeveston
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Hard at work, servicing the needs of locals and visitors to the southern Tasmanian community

Along with competitive prices, professional service and mobile convenience, these Geeveston locals are known to offer great fleet discounts. In addition to this new mobile tyre-changing initiative, they’re also continuing their long-established battery replacement service as well. There you go… something of interest for everyone!

Evans Tyres and Servicing - Batteries
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As always, Evans Tyres and Servicing offer a range of batteries

Photos and information supplied by Evans Tyres and Servicing, Geeveston.

For more information, follow Evans Tyres and Servicing
on Facebook. Visit the team at 388 Scotts Road, Geeveston
or contact David and Luan Berry at Evans Tyres and Servicing
via email. Phone (03) 6297 9933 or mobile 0458 097 373.

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Map: Evans Tyres and Servicing, Geeveston Tasmania

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