Facebook Timeline Cover Photos? What? Don’t worry! We’re not about to convert Think Tasmania to a social media “how to” website. There’s lots of experts who can (and do) explain the ins and outs of every platform imaginable along with all the complicated whizz-bang apps and add-ons. That’s not our scene. Our forte is delivering regular and consistent online content. Articles, links, photos, etc. We keep things relevant, simple and on topic.

Which brings me back to today’s topic: Facebook Timeline Cover Photos. Do you remember Jemima? She’s been busy studying, but she popped in recently to give Think Tasmania some great advice. We’ll be outlining our updated social media strategy soon, but in the meantime we’re going to share this specific information. We can see the potential benefits for many of our colleagues.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

by Jemima Rhodes

Believe it or not, what people choose as a Facebook timeline cover photo can influence the success of their business. More customers will notice and like your page if you have a stunning, original, witty and appropriate image. And in social media terms, we’re talking about a really big space here. For goodness sake, use it!

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Don’t just sit back and hope the world will notice your Facebook page and give you a leg up. Make it happen on your own. Think bold and attractive and unique. Put some oomph into your design and show your customers what you’re made of. Show off your brand like you’re really proud of it, and like you really mean business.

Can one single photo showcase your whole business? Yes it can; but it had better be a damned awesome photo, because the competition out there in social media land is fierce. Ask yourself these questions: when potential customers see my timeline cover photo on Facebook, are they going to instantly realise what I can do for them? Is it the best way to showcase my business?

Tips for Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Honestly, allocating some time and effort to your Facebook timeline cover photos is a really good investment in your business. Here’s a few tips…

  • Check out websites with templates that help you build Facebook timeline cover photos. Social media experts will direct you to a plethora of websites with image generators. Find one to suit you. I plucked out Facebook Cover Maker and found it simple to use. The chances of making something decent are pretty good. And now that Picnic has shut-up shop, photo collages aren’t so easy.

Facebook Timeline Cover Photos - Think Tasmania
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  • Make sure you follow Facebook rules to the letter. No-one wants a slap on the wrist for doing the wrong thing, so don’t take the risk. Don’t give anyone the chance to blindside you with the threat of a ban. Facebook has guidelines to follow, so look them up, read them and take heed. Here’s what you need to know: guidelines to creating Facebook timeline cover photos.
  • And be sure to go straight to the source for information about social media. Don’t just believe what your friends and colleagues (or worse still, your opposition) tweet and post. Some people have their own agenda; some people keep the good stuff secret. I know, shocking hey? Some people (I must stop saying that) might honestly misunderstand the rules. Facebook change the rules so frequently, you can give yourself whiplash just trying to keep up! Take all the advice on board, but confirm the facts for yourself. Just to be sure you’re not missing out on an opportunity to be the best you can be.
  • Here’s some great samples of creative Facebook timeline cover photos for business. Which ones do you fancy? Please remember these ideas are for inspiration. Don’t just copy something that someone else has already worked hard to achieve. That just makes you look sad, and them feel angry. You need something new and fresh and original.

And that’s all I have to say on the subject of Facebook timeline cover photos.

We’d love to see some creative genius, so please let us know if any of this advice from Jemima has helped you. Maybe Think Tasmania could share your final product? Maybe the world will start to notice you after all. Good luck. You can make it happen on your own!

Or you could contact Think Tasmania for some help. We love this kind of stuff.

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