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Facts Tasmania
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Facts Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Here’s a link to the latest articles about facts in Tasmania. Otherwise, please browse the alphabetical list below with details of all Think Tasmania articles about facts…

Aurora – Australis, Southern Lights

Autumn – Tasmanian Season

Beaconsfield Mine – 2006 Rescue

Blue Gum – Floral Emblem of Tasmania

Carly Findlay – International Day of People with Disability

Crazy for Tasmania – Travel Costs

Diverse Island – Gondwana Days, Indigenous People

Fungi – Facts from a Fungus Junkie!

Free Tasmania – Maps

Governor of Tasmania – The Role of His Excellency

Joseph Lyons – Tasmanian Political History

Hot Weather – Temperatures in Tasmania

Huon Pine Punts – Tasmanian Timber Boats

Make It Tasmania – Think Tasmania Feature Story

Marine Grass – Scientific Study of Sea Meadows

Maritime Museum of Tasmania – Nautical Facts

Only in Tasmania – History by Sandra Huett

Phenomena Factory – Science Facts

Queens Domain – The People’s Place

Rowena – Electric Car, Flinders Island

Spiky Bridge – Fact or Fiction?

Spring – The Season in Tasmania

State Library of Tasmania – Books & Museum

Summer – A Popular Time in Tasmania

Tasman Bridge – 1975 Collapse Disaster

Tasmanian Border – North to Victoria

Tasmanian Devil Facts – List of Ten

Tasmanian Government – House, Queens Domain

Temperature – the Weather in Tasmania

Tourism Tasmania – Major Tourist Attraction Award

Trevallyn Dam – Interesting Facts

Wind – Blowing in the Wind Specifications

Winter – Temperatures in Tasmania

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