Think Tasmania promised a slideshow featuring the designers and makers of Flourish Handmade Market, and today we deliver! We took the photos at New Town, when the Flourish Handmade brigade took over the scout hall one Sunday a few weeks ago.


Flourish Market Music by Terese Millhouse

Terese Millhouse was entertaining customers and stallholders at Flourish Handmade Market with her beautiful music on the day of our visit. She was happy to share her music with our readers via the Think Tasmania YouTube Channel, and the soundtrack is a highlight of the video. Two songs (Take a Breath and I’m in Love With You Now) from her debut album Five Shades of Me accompany the slideshow.

Flourish - Terese Millhouse
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Terese Millhouse entertains the crowd at Flourish Handmade Market

You’ll find Terese Millhouse Music on Facebook, where she describes herself as “…an international songwriter and singer from Tasmania, in the style of Kate Miller-Heidke, Sarah McLachlan and Delta Goodrem. Terese has signed two single-song contracts with Canadian American Records (for A Girl and Her Soldier), and Linnette Harrigan Media in New York (for Love Has Gone), and her musical influences include Pink, Stevie Nicks, Evanescence, Sia, and Labrinth. Terese lives by her saying: Music Is Love is Life!”

Flourish - Terese Millhouse Music
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Terese Millhouse Music ~ Five Shades of Me as featured on our Flourish Handmade Market slideshow

Keep track of all things Flourish Handmade Market via their Facebook page, which updates potential stallholders and future market dates. They also showcase the products to be expected on site. And speaking of showcasing, we’ll have more articles to publish about other makers and designers in the weeks to come.

Download digital copies of music by Terese Millhouse from all
major online music stores including iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.
You can also visit the website: Terese Millhouse Music. A CD with the
two singles featured (and three additional tracks) is available for $10.

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