The Role: Governor of Tasmania

Governor of Tasmania - Government House
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His Excellency, the Governor of Tasmania & guests

The role of the Governor of Tasmania:  we were very pleased to receive the following informative letter from Mrs Anne Parker (in response to the Queens Domain article published earlier this month).  Thought you might like to read also…

Dear Tania,

The next Government House Open Day will be held on Sunday 14th November 2010.  The House and gardens will be open from 10.30am until 3.30 pm.  Visitors are encouraged to bring a picnic and take advantage of the beautiful gardens.

You will be interested to learn that events at Government House are not solely for the ‘high end’ of society although of course his role in receiving dignitaries, ambassadors and heads of state is a very important one.

Over the past 12 months His Excellency and Mrs Underwood hosted around 120 functions for a wide range of people and organisations, local, national and international.  These functions involved schools, charitable organisations, aged-care facilities, delegates to conferences and a very wide variety of community and business groups.

The Governor of Tasmania also conducts investitures and presentations at Government House, including Australia Day and Queen’s Birthday Honours Investitures, Queen’s Scout and Guide Awards, Winston Churchill Fellowships, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, the Annual Presentations of the Order of St John and the Governor’s Environment Awards.

While many people have a general understanding of the ceremonial role of the Governor, the constitutional role is largely misunderstood or unknown.  His Excellency has made use of every opportunity to redress this situation, during the course of educational visits to Government House by schools and other groups and when addressing organisations in the community

Best wishes for success with your website.


Anne Parker (Mrs)
Official Secretary
Government House
Hobart 7000

Mrs Underwood - Government House Open Day
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Mrs Underwood with Japanese student visitors to Hobart

Photos provided by the office of the Governor of Tasmania

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