Guest authors: do you have something important to say about Tasmania, but nowhere to say it? Do you know of a great local place, product or service that everyone should know about? We MAY be able to help you. We sometimes publish articles with accompanying photographs from guest authors if the content suits our niche.

Preference is always given to our ever-reliable group of regular contributors; they’re people we know, respect and trust.

If you’ve followed every stipulation provided below, we will read your submission. Please note however, we reserve the right to reject the article if necessary. Even if your writing is simply the best, the style and content may not complement our niche. We may also have plans for a topic that conflicts with your content or covers territory we’ve already scheduled or published recently.

All writers submitting articles, whether regular feature contributors or guest authors, should keep in mind the following important factors…

  • your article has to be completely relevant to this website about Tasmania
  • we don’t accept articles written by companies just looking for client back-links
  • anything published has to provide information and not just advertising
  • we prefer original material, written with our specific audience in mind
  • make it succinct and your chances of success are multiplied ten fold
  • you need to check your own spelling, grammar and punctuation… twice even! If you’re not confident of your English skills, enlist a proof reader
  • read some of the other articles we’ve written to get a feel for the system
  • like us on social media via FacebookTwitter, Pinterest and Instagram and start to get a feel for the way we promote Tasmania
  • you need to provide images… that you are legally entitled to provide to us (this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT and not negotiable – be 100% sure)
  • if you don’t have suitably impressive and relevant images, you need to source them yourself from a good photographer… again, get permission
  • the images may be pinned to our Pinterest boards to promote your work
  • you need to direct online traffic to your article, and we’ll do the same (website, blog, email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc)
  • we will add any external links ourselves. We know guest authors write articles to promote their own business and you’ll be treated fairly
  • include a paragraph about yourself so we can include credit
  • also advise details of the photographer for credit, if not the author
  • photographers are more than welcome to advertise their businesses here too; contact Gavin or Tania to start an obligation-free conversation
  • we DO NOT EVER turn a blind eye to copyright infringements. That stands for both text and images. Get approval before including the hard work of other writers or photographers, and give credit where due
  • you submit articles for consideration of your own free will for your own personal reasons and not for the purpose of receiving payment from Think Tasmania or any other third party or business owner
  • Think Tasmania cannot be held liable in the event of any accident, incident or injury sustained during the course of researching or writing an article. Contributors accept personal responsibility for all possible risk
  • we may need to edit your article; if you’re not okay with that, sorry!
  • send your article via email to Think Tasmania. The text should be free of formatting and contained within the body of the email (as opposed to an attached document such as Word)
  • attach 6-8 top-quality images that are relevant to the article text, no less than 600 pixels wide
  • make it clear what the images are by using a system of file names or a numbered list matching a caption with the contents of each photo

So with all that, we wish you well. If you read all the way to the end of the list, you may just have what it takes to become a guest author with Think Tasmania. We look forward to hearing from you one day.

Somes Samples: Articles by Guest Authors

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