by Roger Findlay

I’ve never met Tania Horne (the editor of Think Tasmania) in person, but I imagine her as being a fair-skinned person who prefers to keep out of the sun. I came close to the reality a few weeks ago when Tania told me how much she hated the sweltering hot weather that Hobart served up. Jeanette and I also detest the hot days that we get here in Gregory West (close to Albury).

Hot Weather - Bush Fires
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Hot weather in Gregory West

This year however, the summer hardly started and now we’re enjoying the cool rainy days. As we prepare for a future move, the weather in Tasmania has been a major consideration. It may surprise you that the region around Devonport, Ulverstone, Penguin and Burnie has come out on top, with the east coast a close second.

Hot Weather - Douglas River, Tasmania
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Goodbye hot weather: Douglas River Tasmania

Hot Weather: Temperature Facts in Tasmania

On the day that Hobart recorded a maximum of 39C, Burnie was 14C lower at 25C.  The following day Burnie heated up to 28C while Hobart cooled to 36C. For both cities, this hot weather is infrequent and uncharacteristic. I experienced a very hot New Years Eve in Hobart a few years back and the resulting storm that bettered the fireworks display!

From research, I found that the highest temperature recorded for Burnie since formal records began was 33.8C on January 31, 2009; but the normal high would be around 24C. I also noted that the average maximum and minimum temperatures for the winter months vary by 6C and are warmer than Gerogery West.

Hot Weather - Boat Harbour Beach, Tasmania
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Boat Harbour Beach, north west Tasmania

Now I know you’re going to tell me about the short daylight hours, wind and rain but at least I won’t need the “Typical Pom” knotted handkerchief on summer days!

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