Josie Holdsworth is the beautiful daughter of Jen Holdsworth (one of our feature writers) and her husband Paul. She’s also the sister of Lucy, Luke and Lilly Holdsworth. And Josie has Kabuki Syndrome, which is a very rare pediatric congenital disorder. Why am I telling you all this, you may well ask?

Josie Holdsworth - Give Me 5 For Kids
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Josie Holdsworth

Who is Josie Holdsworth?

Each year in June, Hobart radio station Heart 107.3 raise money for the Royal Hobart Hospital through their Give Me 5 for Kids campaign. This year, the fundraising focus is aimed at buying equipment which would allow more families with sick children to stay in Tasmania for treatment, rather than face a distressful trip interstate.

Give Me 5 For Kids

Jen spoke with Heart 107.3 about her daughter Josie Holdsworth, and some of what the family has faced over the past 11 years. Josie’s condition has required many (many!) surgeries to date, which have usually involved travelling to Victoria.

Jen says: “if we can help to keep families united in Tassie, it helps so much with the healing process, both physically and emotionally”. And that sums up Jen’s attitude in a nutshell really. Despite her own family’s unique situation, she’s always willing to offer a helping hand to others. So the very least we can do, is share her message.

Here is Jen’s interview with Heart 107.3 (with photos supplied by the Holdsworth family).

If you’d like to get involved with the Heart 107.3 Give Me 5 For Kids Campaign, visit their website for more details. You can help change a sick kid’s life too.

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