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Augustus Chocolates: Hot

I'm a big fan of hot chocolate. Did you notice already? Who am I kidding... it's so obvious! I found a really good one at Augustus Chocolates in Hobart. So I had to celebrate the news with all of you! Please tell me though... who does your favourite hot chocolate? And...

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Arm End Recreation Reserve

If you're looking for a fabulous place to walk your dog in southern Tasmania, try Arm End Recreation Reserve. Dog Friendly: Arm End Recreation Reserve An easy 45-minute drive from Hobart will see you at O'Possum Bay on South Arm Peninsula. Dogs need to stay on-lead,...

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While you're all busy with festive frivolity, we'll be sneaking away from the office for a while. Shhhhhh, don't tell anyone!
when you order a side of vegetables, and get this... so happy!
#Rosevears #Hotel #Tasmania #TamarValley #VegItUp #EatYourGreens
walking with a view
#SouthArm #Tasmania #dog #walking #ArmEnd #GolfCourse #RecreationReserve


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