Rolling Rock Cafe… why now? Well, last week I wrote about the Red Bridge Cafe & Providore. Writing the article made me think about this place, even though it’s been about 12 months since I was there. Nothing like the Red Bridge version in Campbell Town Tasmania, but unique all the same.

Rolling Rock Cafe – Are You Out There?

I thought I’d give them a call, just to make sure my facts were correct. No one answered the phone. I did an internet search, and found a real estate website listing the business for sale. I also found a Facebook Page for the Rolling Rock Cafe, but it hasn’t been updated since January 2010. Not looking good!

2/110 Main Road Moonah

I’m nothing if not persistent, so I’ll have to visit Moonah myself to confirm their ongoing existence.

In the meantime, I’d still like to share my experience with you. The Rolling Rock Cafe menu was casual: pizza, pasta, burgers. That sort of thing. From memory I had a vegetarian pumpkin-pizza number. But for me, it wasn’t at all about the food.

The staff I do vividly remember. The young waitress was friendly and vibrant and happy to make suggestions about the meals. She even gave the kids a free drink each when we were leaving, because they didn’t have any dairy-free ice-cream on offer. How good is that? I think that’s the reason the place made such a positive impression, actually.

Rock Memorabilia

Well, the service AND the whole theme of the cafe. The Rolling Rock Cafe had an extraordinary collection of guitars, records, jackets, photos and posters. All from musicians, including some pretty big names in the industry!

My photos don’t do justice to the dining area, actually. The walls were painted a moody, deep purple colour; the framed rock memorabilia was displayed everywhere. The collection must have been worth an absolute fortune. The kitchen and bar area was open to the dining room, so I hope the frames were well-sealed. Wouldn’t want the waft of steak, garlic and onion pervading the leather jacket signed by U2.

So for the music aficionado, this would be the perfect place to eat and drink.

I really hope the Rolling Rock Cafe is still operating, because you just have to see it to believe it. I’d be really happy if someone could contact Think Tasmania and let me know. Otherwise I’ll report back to you next time I’m in Moonah.

Moonah is a northern suburb of Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.

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