In its 21st year, the Tasmania Rock Challenge is an iconic annual event on the Tasmanian youth calendar.  It is a statewide competition for students from grade 7 to 12 celebrating contemporary music performers of original material.

Tasmania Rock Challenge - Music Industry Event
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Tasmania Rock Challenge: celebrating 21 years

Tasmania Rock Challenge: Entrants

All campuses are invited to compete in a regional semi-final with the best contenders being invited to perform at the state final on August 23 in Launceston.  All performers will have the benefit of participating in a professional music industry all ages, alcohol free event.


Finalists are judged by an expert panel working within a clearly defined criteria designed to be consistent, unbiased, fair and industry bench-marked…  It is a unique experience that stays with students well beyond their school years.

Tasmania Rock Challenge - Young Music Performers
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Performers at previous Tasmania Rock Challenge gigs

The Rock Challenge is a positive and life-affirming youth event that is firmly entrenched in the minds of the thousands of Tasmanians who have participated in the Tasmania Rock Challenge events during the past 20 years.

Tasmania Rock Challenge - Secondary School Students
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Secondary school students perform at Tasmania Rock Challenge

This event aims to motivate young Tasmanian students to make positive and healthy lifestyle choices, achieved through engagement over a six month rehearsal and preparation period in the lead up to each event.

Tasmania Rock Challenge - Youth Music Stage
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Youth on stage at the Tasmania Rock Challenge

This year we will be working alongside APRA to scope Tasmania’s best student songwriters, setting the stage for a career launch into the music industry.  Prizes range from awards, merchandise, music gear for your school, studio time & more!

Tasmania Rock Challenge: Events

North West Tasmania

16th August:  Spurs Saloon, Devonport

South Tasmania

11th August:  Brisbane Hotel, Hobart

North and North East Tasmania

22nd August:  The Saloon, Launceston

Tasmanian State Final

23rd August:  The Saloon, Launceston

Get Involved with Tasmania’s Music Industry!

What would a rock concert be without an audience?  This is a great opportunity to see some of Tasmania’s emerging music talent perform.  Tickets will be $12.50 and available at the door.  Events kick off at 7pm.

Tasmania Rock Challenge - School Music Industry
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Get involved with the Tasmania Rock Challenge 2011

If you would like to get your business involved in supporting this
great annual event, sign up as a sponsor.  They will begin to promote your
today, up to and during the event. For more info please
send an email to: [email protected]
or visit the Tasmania Rock Challenge website.

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