You may recall an article we published in January, from the hand and lens of Carol Haberle. She shared a little about Cressy, the home of the Tasmanian Trout Expo. Now, in the spirit of co-operation and teamwork that epitomises the wonderful group of people who contribute regularly to Think Tasmania, we bring you photos of the most recent event from Dan Fellow.

Tasmanian Trout Expo
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Successful fishermen: Tasmanian Trout Expo, Cressy (photos by Dan Fellow)

Tasmanian Trout Expo: 2013 in Pictures

Dan’s images were accompanied by these words about the Tasmanian Trout Expo: There are two days of general competition for anglers from all over Australia. The last day is for a Tasmanian schools competition. There are several prize (tagged) fish. The grand prize is $10,000 for a fish named Travis. Next year will be BIG as it will be the 10th anniversary of the event.


Back in January, Carol had this to say: Cressy is home to the annual Tasmanian Trout Expo, a weekend of opportunity for all fishermen, from the novice to the expert. This weekend is usually held around September each year, and attracts thousands of people. A tagged wild trout is released into Brumbys Creek, creating an opportunity for the fisherman who is lucky enough to catch it to win a substantial cash prize, the amount in 2012 was $10,000! Many other great prizes can be won in the fishing competitions held. Fishermen from the world over can be seen lining the banks of Brumbys Creek on the Expo weekend. The weekend also provides many stalls and exhibitors, one can seek out a bargain, taste some great food or learn fishing tips from some of our best anglers and fly fishermen.

Tasmanian Trout Expo - Brumbys Creek, Cressy
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Brumbys Creek, Cressy: fishing paradise in Tasmania (photos by Carol Haberle)

Without further ado, we bring you a collection of photos from this year’s Tasmanian Trout Expo with many thanks to Dan Fellow.

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Tasmanian Trout Expo: mouse-over slideshow to control speed and direction.

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