The Wooden Boat Centre: Franklin Tasmania

by Roger Findlay

The Wooden Boat Centre is located in Franklin, is a 40 minute drive south of Hobart on the western side of the Huon River.

Wooden Boat Centre - Huon River
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Huon River near the Wooden Boat Centre

Franklin, Huon Valley Tasmania

The Huon Valley town was named after Sir John and Lady Jane Franklin, who lived in the town and commuted to Hobart in a wooden boat named Huon Pine. Once an apple orchard area, Franklin is surrounded by small farms and the town itself retains the aura of a former port. The changing colours and reflections on the river make this a photographers paradise.

The Craft of Building: Wooden Boat Centre

The Wooden Boat Centre sits alongside the jetty and is a great place to visit. You can watch craftsmen and trainees building wooden boats from complicated plans. To fulfil their lifetime ambition, trainees pay for the unique experience and dedicate countless hours of labour in achieving their goal.

Wooden Boat Centre - Franklin, Huon Valley Tasmania
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Wooden Boat Centre: Franklin, Huon Valley, Tasmania

Tasmanian Ambassador: Tetsuya Wakuda

We talked to one of the boat builders and he was proud to tell us about the boat he was building for Sydney restaurateur Tetsuya Wakuda.

Wooden Boat Centre - Building Boat for Tetsuya
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Wooden Boat Centre: Huon pine boat for Tetsuya

Tetsuya is a great fan of Tasmanian produce and works closely alongside Brand Tasmania as an international ambassador. His boat is made of Huon pine that came from a stockpile found on the forest floor near Lynchford.

Franklin: Huon Pine Boat or just Coffee

If you have a spare $800,000, you too can have a wooden boat like the one that Tetsuya owns! Even if you can’t afford one right now, Franklin and the Wooden Boat Centre are well worth a visit.

Wooden Boat Centre - Franklin, Tasmania
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Photo Heaven: Franklin Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

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