Tucked away in East Devonport on Murray Street is a new and exciting restaurant called 26 Red. I had the pleasure of dining here recently after hearing just how good this place was.

26 Red - Murray Street, East Devonport

26 Red: cafe restaurant, East Devonport

26 Red Café Restaurant: Open for Business

by Michelle Kneipp Pegler

Anyone who knows me would know that I just love food and good restaurants. I’m also an avid foodie who loves nothing more than trying out innovative and diverse food experiences. Sometimes you just need to take your palate out for a spin in new food territory; well that’s my excuse anyway! Zen and Susan, the owners of 26 Red, are passionate about their restaurant and hope their customers have a positive experience while dining.

East Devonport: Business Networking

I met my friend Susanne from Tasmanian Gourmet Hampers and we settled in for a nice long lunch. Susanne first told me about this great restaurant after she attended the opening recently. After perusing the menu with its wonderful selection of dishes I decided on the House Burger.

The House Burger was a combination of local Skelbrook Vale beef patty, fresh lettuce, tomato, caramelised onion and cheese on a tasty bun with a side of hand cut chips and freshly made mayonnaise. It was a very hard decision to make as the other dishes all looked superb as well.

26 Red - Tasmanian Beef Burger

House Burger from 26 Red

Tasmanian Produce on the Menu

To give you a taste of what’s on the lunch menu, let me make your tastebuds drool by listing the other choices…

  • Bread and Trio of Butters (mini sourdough, black truffle butter, roasted garlic butter and olive butter)
  • Antipasto (toasted ciabatta bread, selection of cold meats, local cheeses and marinated vegetables)
  • Caesar Salad (cos lettuce, bacon, croutons, poached egg, optional chicken, cold smoked trout)
  • Salt and Pepper (squid, Tasmanian pepper berries, roasted walnuts, Ashgrove marinated fetta, crisp apple, pomegranate dressing)
  • Chicken Consommé (chicken broth, carrot, leek, mushroom, snow peas and sourdough)
  • Warm Vegetable Salad (potato, roasted shallots, caramelised pumpkin, rocket, pine nuts, baby carrot and ginger puree)
  • House Burger (as described above)
  • Petuna Cold Smoked Trout with (zucchini and potato fritter, spanish onion, baby capers, rocket and sour cream dressing)
  • Skelbrook vale Porterhouse Steak with (butternut puree, potato, prawns, caramelised onion and beer jus)
  • Battered Fish (fresh fish, beer batter, homemade chips and tartare sauce)

As you can see it was a hard decision indeed. All this fabulous fresh food with a great mix of taste combinations… where do you start?

26 Red - Cafe Restaurant Menu

26 Red Cafe Restaurant in Devonport

Making Room: Dining and Dessert

The interior of 26 Red is cosy and comfortable. There’s plenty of room to move; and nice comfortable chairs with seating for two, four or more at a table. It’s a great place for a quiet dinner, group get-togethers and parties.

26 Red - Funky Dining Room by Zen and Susan

Dining in Devonport: 26 Red

In no time at all our lunch was ready and served. I was ravenous and all set to tackle this luscious looking meal on my plate. I can say I was very impressed. It was visually appealing (and let’s face it, we eat with our eyes as well as our mouth) and it tasted fantastic. I only just managed to fit it all in; it was more than enough to ease anyone’s hunger.

Did Someone Say Chocolate?

We chatted some more while waiting for my meal to go down so I could fit some dessert in. I just had to have dessert; the dessert menu looked too interesting not to try something. Gee another hard decision to make! What to have? So many yummy things to choose from.

I decided to choose the Eskimo Pie: a decadent combination of a triple layer of white, milk and dark chocolate semifreddo, warm ganache with chocolate biscuit. Wow I thought, I think my taste-buds have just gone to heaven and back. I was happy I decided to have dessert.

26 Red - Chocolate Dessert

Decadent chocolate dessert: 26 Red

That’s the Spirit of Tasmania

You will find local fresh Tassie produce is used throughout the menu and it’s quality food at affordable prices. Being so close to the Spirit of Tasmania it’s a handy place to stop for a meal. 26 Red is situated at 13 Murray Street, East Devonport. You can phone Zen and Susan on 6427 0944 for a booking, and walk-ins are most welcome. They’re open Wednesday through Sunday, 11.30am to 2.30pm for lunch, and dinner from 5.30pm till late. Coffee and takeaways are available all day.

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Map: 26 Red, East Devonport Tasmania

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