Here are some images for 41 Degrees South. Good stuff, fun to do and great tastings. And with that little note, Dan attached some great photos. He really is a man of few words.

41 Degrees South - Tasmanian Tourist Attraction

41 Degrees South: Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

41 Degrees South: Salmon, Ginseng & Wetlands

We went to the 41 Degrees South website, to find out more. Here’s what they’ve got to say…

41 Degrees South Tasmania is a unique tourist attraction near Launceston and Devonport. A 45 minute drive from Launceston brings you to our salmon farm, ginseng nursery and wetlands near Deloraine. We offer free tastings, a small café is located at the farm and light lunches are available.

41 Degrees South - Cafe, Tastings & Sales

41 Degrees South: tastings (photo by Dan Fellow)

The farm was carved out of of willow and gorse infested scrub in 1998. Ponds were built and wetlands were created. A patchwork of wetland grasses, freshwater ponds, dykes, wetlands and marshes are set along the western creek rivulet. The wetland was not only created to attract a wide variety of birds, it’s aim was to also be used as a natural biofilter for the salmon farm.

There is always something to see here as changing seasons bring different birds and give them a place to feed, breed, nest and rest. Things to do at our farm include a self-guided tour of the freshwater salmon ponds and ginseng field. You can also take a walk along the boardwalk through our wetlands set at the foot of the Montana Falls.

41 Degrees South - Tasmanian Salmon

Tasmanian Salmon ponds (photo by Dan Fellow)

First-Hand Experience: Photos from 41 Degrees South

The only thing left to do now is share the photos (which do tend to confirm what 41 Degrees South have promised about their attraction). Because there were too many photos to format and add to this article, we’ve shared extra images via our social media channels. I’m sure Dan’s photos will inspire you to visit.

To see more work by Dan Fellow follow Tasmania Photos on Facebook. You can also purchase Desktop Tasmania, a multimedia CD with a stunning collection of Tasmanian photos for $19-95. If you’d like Dan to visit you, please contact Think Tasmania.

Map: 41 Degrees South Tasmania…

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