Hello and welcome. You might be wondering about the people behind Think Tasmania? Gavin and Tania live in Hobart, Tasmania. Together they’ve raised two outstanding humans to adulthood. Their sons both attend university; one studies in the US and the other at UTAS. A rescue mutt is the centre of their universe, and they all like walking Hobart trails together. Good times revolve around fine food, casual drinks, weekend drives and getaways.

About Think Tasmania - Gavin and Tania

Gavin and Tania: Think Tasmania

About Think Tasmania: Hello!

Gavin is a software developer by trade; he’s also handy with a camera and takes many of the images for Think Tasmania. Gavin enjoys sport as a spectator now: motor-racing and cricket have emerged as favourites from the broad spectrum. But he’s not too fussy!

About Think Tasmania - Hobart

Walking the dog: Hobart Tasmania

Historically, guest authors have featured… but Tania writes most of the articles for Think Tasmania now. She also hosts international visitors during their time in Tasmania. Now her children are independent, Tania hopes to take more holidays, read more books, watch more movies and see more shows. Not too much to ask, really!

About Think Tasmania - Photos

Taking photos: international tourists in Hobart

Think Tasmania was launched way back in 2010 and has evolved into the website you see here today. Tania and Gavin just enjoy sharing their first-hand experiences with a fabulous community of readers. They’ve met amazing people, eaten amazing dinners and seen amazing sights. As a lifestyle journey, they couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Please note: Think Tasmania is not a directory with constantly updated listings. We don’t cover everything; we simply blog about our life in Tasmania. Sometimes we’re blessed with famils and freebies to write about, and we’ll let you know when that happens. We also earn a little income from affiliate links and advertising. And that’s all about us, in a nutshell. Thanks for stopping by.