…the Island of Tasmania

When it comes to the island of Tasmania, there’s plenty to say and plenty to see. The pure natural beauty of the island state of Australia could render you speechless, it’s true. But here at Think Tasmania, we’re on a mission to share the adventure and inspiration of all things Tasmanian.

About - Island of Tasmania, Strahan

Strahan Harbour (photo by Carol Haberle)

Why the Island of Tasmania?

We present a broad range of articles about the island of Tasmania to showcase the magnetism of this generous and vibrant state.

About - Island of Tasmania, Bruny Island

Bruny Island Cheese (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Our Island of Tasmania

The benefits we receive from living locally are boundless and we get to share them here. But despite our obvious bias towards all things Tasmanian, we only give an honest account. If we don’t like it, we don’t mention it. We don’t want you getting angry with us! When we say “unforgettable experience” it should be the holiday of your dreams, not your nightmares. If you want good-value dining, it should be just that. What about buying Tasmanian-made? We talk top-quality all the way.

It’s undeniable to admit the multitude of dedicated photographers in Tasmania have the dream location. With such a ready-made supply of picturesque material, they are all blessed with material. We showcase the wonderful talents of our loyal contributors and special friends-in-photography: their photos highlight our articles about Tasmania. What’s that saying about a picture being worth a thousand words?

About - Island of Tasmania, Freycinet

Freycinet National Park (photo by Dan Fellow)

Whatever the saying, that’s the story of Think Tasmania. We like to promote the island of Tasmania as a great place to visit or live, and provide information about everything distinctly Tasmanian. Go on, you can read it!

Who is Behind Think Tasmania?

Born and raised in Victoria, Australia but now firmly settled in Tasmania, Tania is finally living her dream life. With husband Gavin, two teenage sons, and a fantastic environment in which to work, the launch of Think Tasmania has aligned all the stars.

Tania worked for many years in office management, but her passion has always been for the written word. Having done copious amounts of study (travel writing, creative writing, comprehensive writing, SEO, digital imaging and social media) she’s done all the research and is committed to her own small business venture. For recreation, she loves to read; enjoys music, movies, photography and exploring all that Tasmania has to offer. Tania strives to keep her family healthy and happy. And absolutely loves running her own business!

Island of Tasmania - Tania (Mt Wellington)

Tania, co-owner of Think Tasmania (Mount Wellington, Hobart)

Self-employed in system design, software development and ICT for about 20 years, Gavin is the stereo-typical computer geek! It’s his advanced technical expertise behind Think Tasmania’s services, and he is responsible for keeping this website operational. Outside work hours, Gavin volunteers his time to cricket and other community-based endeavours and enjoys beach and water activities.

About - Island of Tasmania, Gavin

Gavin (right) with celebrity chef Matt Moran (for Tourism Australia T-QUAL)

If you’d like to work with Gavin and Tania to promote your special place on the island of Tasmania, contact Think Tasmania.

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