Are you looking for accommodation in Dover? We know a place! Quarry Hill Lookout is luxury all the way. It’s self-catering, family-friendly and pet-friendly; it comes complete with stunning views of far south Tasmania and has practically everything you could possibly want in a holiday home.

Accommodation in Dover - Quarry Hill Lookout

Quarry Hill Lookout: pet-friendly accommodation, Dover

Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Dover

We stayed for a weekend at this gorgeous accommodation in Dover, but will plan for a longer getaway next time. Jacob (the owner of Quarry Hill Lookout) told us he had imminent plans to have the yard fully-enclosed to suit pet owners… the work has probably already been done by now. Our Coco was happy to stay inside with us, but the fencing will add another level of security.

Accommodation in Accommodation in Dover - Far South Tasmania

Far south Tasmania: master bedroom

Besides relaxing and soaking up the serenity, we managed to visit a few places on this particular journey to far south Tasmania. We’ll be sharing more stories about the small Tasmanian town of Dover in the future, as we do!

Accommodation in Dover - Port Esperance Bay

Stunning views: accommodation in Dover

Can you spot the picnic basket in the photo below? That was for hunting and gathering goodies from the gourmet food trail in Huon Valley. We could’ve stayed in and just eaten cake though. Thanks to our extremely generous hosts, our family had a delicious treat to enjoy, made and delivered by Southport’s Crumbeleena. How special is that?

This unique property sits on a rise overlooking Port Esperance Bay; enter the driveway at 6992 Huon Highway in Dover. Phone 0466 097 727 for details or follow Quarry Hill Lookout via Facebook. And rest assured this accommodation in Dover is very clean and organised. Everything was absolutely sparkling on our visit, just the way we like it.

Accommodation in Dover - Pet Friendly

Dining area from second floor

Accommodation in Dover - Crumbeleena Cake

Crumbeleena Cake: Quarry Hill Lookout

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