After a simple but totally pleasant exchange with Addicted to Bakes via Instagram, we set about sampling a range of personalised cookies from this Burnie-based business.

Addicted to Bakes - Personalised Cookies

Bespoke cookies: Addicted to Bakes

Burnie Tasmania: Addicted to Bakes

A lovely parcel was quick to arrive from Burnie-based Chloe Foster. Nestled within the cute wrapping was some gorgeous biscuits. Some even had Think Tasmania’s name on them! It’s a very clever idea, and we’re sure Addicted to Bakes will flourish.

Addicted to Bakes - Cookies Delivered Australia-wide

Customised baking delivered Australia-wide

We’re always keen to share new (and not-so new) business ventures with readers, so here’s all the details about Addicted to Bakes for our website friends (who may not follow our social media channels).

Addicted to Bakes - Chloe Foster

Chloe Foster, Burnie Tasmania: Addicted to Bakes

Addicted to Bakes is based in Burnie in north west Tasmania, but Chloe will arrange for delivery of cookies Australia-wide. Phone 0438 200 487 for details or follow Addicted to Bakes on Facebook.

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