A while back we started a series for our Best in Tassie Challenges. After a small delay, we’ve now collated the ideas from another topic for our collection: Adventure. Given the writer is a self-confessed coward, I thought we may have slim pickings to share in this category. But thankfully we have a dedicated and diverse team, and quite the opposite is true. Here at Think Tasmania we have adventure by the bucketful.

Adventure - Forests, Eagle Eyrie

Adventure Forests: Eagles Eyrie (photo by Carol Haberle)

Adventure Forests: On Top in Tasmania

Let’s start with Adventure Forests; because that’s just a great place to start when talking of a Tassie experience. Who could forget the fabulous articles from Carol Haberle recently, combined to form a three-part series…

Adventure Maydena Hub, Railtrack Rider

Railtrack riders: Maydena (photos by Carol Haberle)

We’ve also enjoyed a day out with Hollybank Treetops Adventure, just a 20 minute drive from Launceston (towards Lilydale) in north east Tasmania. Still on the to do list is the Tarkine Forest Adventure at Dismal Swamp, suggested by one of our Facebook followers in a call for ideas. The slide is “an easy thrill” according to Craig.

The Tahune AirWalk was another of the places we chose to visit first as a tourist, during our Geeveston house-sitting introduction to Tasmania (about five years back). As we mentioned in our recent article about Grandvewe, we moved here permanently after enjoying truly amazing local gems, and we’re particularly glad we did. The Tahune AirWalk qualifies as “must do”; we often take friends who visit Tasmania.

Anelda clearly does the same. She included the Tahune Forest Reserve and the Forest and Heritage Centre in her summary of highlights for Hobart and surrounds. And we’re happy to say David will be heading there soon, so he can share his experience of the Tahune AirWalk Lodge accommodation, the AirWalk, mountain bike hire and Eagle hang gliding with Think Tasmania. And we have a surprise in store for readers too!

Adventure - Tahune Swinging Bridges

Tahune Forest State Reserve (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Life’s An Adventure: Flights and Cruises

Gavin and Roger did some glamour camping on their Bay of Fires Walk with Life’s An Adventure tour company, also in the stunning north east region of Tasmania. Obviously a memorable way to travel, with both of them talking of the experience long after the event. Similarly, an adventure cruise with Wild Thing in Hobart is still being shared as an “awesome” day.

We do appreciate one important fact in a Best in Tassie Challenge like this one: what constitutes adventure for one person is totally different for the next. Gavin certainly considered his flight with Par Avion Wilderness Tours to south west Tasmania as a major adventure, even though it was just a half-day proposition. (Spoiler alert… another Think Tasmania reader giveaway: win a scenic flight to the south west wilderness region with Par Avion Tours)

Adventure - Par Avion Wilderness Tour

Par Avion Wilderness Tours: quite an adventure!

And from one end of the time scale to the other, we’re reminded of another article from guest writer, Kerrie. You probably can’t get more adventurous than her epic 10 Day Whitewater Rafting and Frenchmans Cap Wilderness Expedition with Franzi and Elias from Franklin River Rafting.

Adventure - Franklin River Rafting

Adventure: Franklin River Rafting (photo by Kerrie Dodson)

Award-Winning Adventure Experiences in Tasmania

Also in the experience bank at Think Tasmania is an adventure cruise with Pennicott Wilderness Journeys to Bruny Island. These guys cleaned up in the national tourism awards, celebrated and applauded by all Tasmanians for collecting a swag of trophies. And well-deserved too; no-one could argue with the professional service and product offered by that group.

Adventure - Cruise, Bruny Island

Adventure with Bruny Island Cruises

As always, we called for feedback from our Facebook fans for this Best in Tassie Challenge. Readers suggested Cradle Mountain Canyons, Maria Island Walks and the Totem Pole on the Tasman Peninsula. Now there’s one assignment this little black duck will certainly not be tackling! Have you seen the photos of that? No thank you! The Three Peaks Race, the Overland Track and the South Coast Track were also mentioned, proving Tasmania has something for everyone in the adventure stakes. Of course, the Mark Webber Challenge is another good one for extreme sports enthusiasts; and if you’re keen on motor sport, Jen and Adam gave their quad bike adventure (also in north east Tasmania) a big thumbs up.

There’s bound to be other places we’ve overlooked, so don’t be shy – tell us all about your favourite Tasmanian adventure in the comments. What’s on your bucket list? Maybe you like caves, abseiling or mountain bikes? Or maybe sky diving, scuba diving or mountain climbing? Ros told us via Facebook that “everything about Tassie is great to read… nothing could ever be a waste of space”. We even heard from the CWA Gift Shop in Hobart when calling for ideas on the subject, saying they “would love to read about adventure”. Like we said, there’s something here for everyone!

All relevant and reasonable opinions are welcome in Think Tasmania discussions. The submission of topic ideas for future Best in Tassie Challenges from readers and interested parties will also be considered.

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