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Keen readers: eating and drinking in Tasmania

Advertising: But Not As You Know It

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Competition: fudge samples (made in Tasmania)

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Book reviews and competitions: popular at Think Tasmania

We prefer to write about places from a first-hand perspective. Maybe you’d like to invite Think Tasmania to stay and/or dine with you, or send us media passes for your event or attraction? We do our level best to accommodate requests whenever possible. It’s not always possible to accommodate everyone; sometimes times and dates clash with prior requests, for example, but we do our best.

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We can LIVE Facebook, Tweet and Instagram in Tasmania

Tourism associations, councils or town groups are welcome to approach Think Tasmania. If you collaborate with other business owners and co-ordinate your invitations, all the better for everyone. It saves so much time when we have an itinerary planned for our visit.

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Places to stay in Tasmania, always a popular topic

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We’re always taking photos in Tasmania to share via social media

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Opportunities with Think Tasmania: the sky’s the limit

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