The Tahune AirWalk and its various additional attractions are a scenic 80 minute drive from Hobart. There’s so much to do, you should make it more than a day trip. Aim to arrive early in the day and stay overnight.

AirWalk - David Moore

David Moore: Tahune AirWalk Lodge (photo by Susan Moore)

Tahune AirWalk: Stay and Play

by David Moore

We’ve been to Tahune several times before. We always take our interstate visitors there. Normally, we go on the AirWalk with its beautiful treetop views and then walk the swinging bridges track (an hour return) which takes you across the upper reaches of both the Huon and Picton Rivers. The teacoloured water rushes underneath (we learned that the colour comes from the buttongrass on the plains further up stream) and in autumn and winter you can see a great variety of fungi along the track.

AirWalk - Fungi

Tahune AirWalk: discover fungi (photo by David Moore)

This time, however, we stayed overnight and got to see that there’s much more down there than just the AirWalk.

Tahune also boasts a hang gliding experience, mountain biking, numerous walks that cater for every, and I mean every, fitness and skill level, guided tours, bridges, a lovely cafe, a shop, an information centre running videos of how life used to be. Man was it tough for the piners who used to fell Huon Pines in the remote regions of Tasmania. There’s also loads of information about flora, fauna, the facilities themselves and Aboriginal history.

AirWalk - Tahune Information Centre

Tahune AirWalk information centre (photo by David Moore)

The Lodge: Accommodation at Tahune AirWalk

We were staying in The Lodge which can accommodate up to 23 people in 8 rooms, which range from doubles to bunk rooms. For our stay we had the place to ourselves and a simple but lovely double bed room.

AirWalk - Lodge Accommodation

Lodge accommodation: Tahune AirWalk (photo by David Moore)

Lodge accommodation usually scares me. We’ve all been there, you know what I mean. The Tahune AirWalk Lodge is an exception. It’s new, very well appointed and well looked after. There’s a cozy wood fire that had been lit in anticipation of our arrival and kept the place toasty and warm for the duration of our stay. There are so many bathrooms, showers, sinks, stoves, seats and tables that it is hard to imagine anyone ever using them all at once even when the place is at capacity. Books and DVDs are provided in case you need evening entertainment other than watching the lovely log fire.

AirWalk - Log Fire and Dining

Tahune Lodge: comforts of home (photo by David Moore)

The visitor centre and cafe are there for meals during the day and you can order a dinner package that will be delivered to the lodge fridge and waiting for you to cook at your leisure. We had the steak and salad dinner. It was great value, fresh and tasty.

Eagle Hang Glider

One of the benefits of staying over in the cooler months is that it’s possible to have the place to yourself. Just ask the team at Tahune when you are booking if that appeals to you. It certainly appealed to us. So after making ourselves at home throughout the entire lodge, Susan and I were keen to try the Eagle Hang Glider.

AirWalk - Eagle Hang Gliding

Eagle Hang Glider, Tahune AirWalk (photo by David Moore)

The Eagle Hang Glider takes you high above the forest and over the river for an exciting simulation of a hang glider approach to the forest floor. We each had two runs and enjoyed the views from the top of the run as much as swooping down to the ground itself.

AirWalk - Hang Gliding

Hang gliding experience (photo by David Moore)

We then took ourselves on the short Huon Pine walk where we were happy to see our first decent sized stand of these legendary trees.

AirWalk - Tahune Forest Reserve

Tahune Forest Reserve: Huon River (photo by David Moore)

After-Dinner AirWalk in the Dark

After dinner and in eerie darkness we took ourselves out onto the AirWalk itself. The lodge provides head torches and the pathway is illuminated by surprisingly effective reflective strips. We took our own more powerful spotlight torch and managed to catch a glimpse of a quoll and a bit of a show by a large owl. There is plenty of Tasmanian wildlife around.

AirWalk - Wildlife Lookouts

Tahune Forest Reserve (photo by David Moore)

Standing on the cantilever of the AirWalk in the quiet and the dark is quite a different experience to doing it in the daytime and absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend you give it a go.

Tahune AirWalk - Cantilever

Tahune AirWalk: cantilever adventure (photo by David Moore)

Mountain Bikes, Camping and Forest Lookouts

Early the next morning we walked part of the mountain bike track and soaked up the privilege of having such a wonderful place to ourselves, apart from a few campers in a tent (it’s free if you pay the AirWalk admission fee). Work beckoned so we had to leave before we could do the mountain bike track in full and on mountain bikes (funnily enough). We’ll save that for next time. There’s plenty more to be experienced that’s for sure.

AirWalk - Walking Tracks

Plenty to explore at Tahune AirWalk (photo by David Moore)

As we drove out of the forest we stopped at several of the lookouts along the Arve Road to Geeveston. They only require brief stops but are very worthwhile with surprises to be found. Don’t just drive past as we had previously.

I’ll say no more. Get to the Tahune AirWalk and experience it for yourself. Make it more than a day trip and stay the night to really get away from it all. For opening hours and prices, visit the operator website. If you are planning a visit and wish to discuss any special needs phone 1300 720 507. You can also follow Tahune AirWalk – Adventure Forests on Facebook.

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Please note ~ Susan and David Moore were invited guests at Tahune AirWalk Lodge and surrounding attractions on behalf of Think Tasmania.

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