It was love at first bite. As soon as I tasted the oozy, golden sweetness of the scallop pie, I knew I had to meet the person responsible for the heavenly dish I was savouring. And that person was Annie.

Annie - Scallop Pies

Scallop pies: Annie’s Kitchen (photo by Kerry Davenport)

Annie: Scallop Pies to Make You Swoon

by Kerry Davenport

It was our first full day on Flinders Island and I’d purchased a couple of locally produced pies for our lunch. I asked some of the locals where I could find Annie of Annie’s Kitchen and was quickly informed of her mobile number and possible whereabouts at the delightfully named coffee shop, Freckles. The locals are always willing to help tourists in any way they can and I believe that this is one of the reasons that Flinders Island should be your next holiday’s destination.

Annie - Flinders Island

Flinders Island: Tasmania (photo by Kerry Davenport)

Annie’s cherubic face lit up in a huge smile as I introduced myself and requested an interview. We set up a time for the next day and planned to meet at her commercial kitchen in Whitemark, the main business area of Flinders Island. At the appointed time, I pushed through the arched gateway and entered a delightful walled garden filled with herb plants and fruit trees.

Annie greeted me at the door of her spotless cooking domain. I was standing in a light-filled commercial kitchen, surrounded by gleaming benches. Emanating from the oven was the luscious aroma of baking bread, ticking timers counting down the minutes before the awaiting pies would replace the loaves. Annie explained that today, along with the bread, she was making wallaby pies and scallop pies, both big sellers in the local supermarket. She popped the kettle on and we were soon chatting about her most recent business venture over a cup of tea.

Annie - Baking in Annie's Kitchen

Flower pots: baking bread (photo by Kerry Davenport)

She spent most of her early life in Tasmania, where she trained as a chef. She moved to Flinders Island four years ago following a period of turmoil in her life and the Island provided succour as she found a way to move forward.

Launch of Annie’s Kitchen in Whitemark

It was the gift of local apples from a newly made friend that became the catalyst that led to Annie’s Kitchen. Annie said that she combined those apples with some raspberries for her first batch of jam, the idea being that she would use old-fashioned recipes with no artificial additives and allow the produce to speak for itself. This batch was a triumph and she was soon looking for more local ingredients to produce jams and preserves suitable for sale to the locals and tourists alike.

Annie - Marmalade

Marmalade for Annie’s Kitchen (photo by Kerry Davenport)

The ping of the kitchen timer interrupted our conversation and Annie leapt up to check that the bread was indeed ready. She opened the oven door to reveal that this was no ordinary bread; it was wholemeal bread baked in terracotta flowerpots. What a splendid idea, I thought.

I asked if this was her invention, but she assured me that she had read about the idea and decided the Island was ready for artisan bread prepared in this way. She explained that it was important to prepare the unused and unglazed pots properly prior to using them to bake bread.

Annie - Flowerpot Bread

Flowerpot bread: Annie’s Kitchen (photo by Kerry Davenport)

After a quick shuffle of pie trays, the timer was reset to ensure our conversation wouldn’t lead to a batch of burnt pies.

Annie Makes Breads, Pies and All Things Nice

Annie’s full range of goods is impressive. On a weekly basis, she prepares an array of salads, pies, sausage rolls, pizzas, quiches, tarts, jams, mustards and preserves, which are all available for sale in the Whitemark supermarket.

Her philosophy is to provide food passion without preservatives, catering for local functions and dinner parties, as well as keeping her fresh produce available to the public. She explained that she was always on the lookout for more local items to add to her range and that she was currently working on a fig and vanilla jam as a glaze for duck or lamb dishes.

I was salivating listening to her describe how she combines her basic preserves with herbs and meats to create elegant dishes quickly and easily. I wish I had taken more notes! Annie knows food and she knows her market. She has a very clever marketing strategy that ensures she has the right product for the right occasion at the right price.

There is always so much to love about being on Flinders Island. The beautiful scenery, the friendly locals and the delicious seafood have all brought tourists to these shores.

Annie - Walkers Lookout

Walkers Lookout: Flinders Island (photo by Kerry Davenport)

Now there are more treasures to savour – treasures from Annie’s Kitchen.

If you would like to order Annie’s products to be delivered to your door or to find out how to prepare the flowerpots for bread making you should contact Annie. She would love to hear from you.

Kerry Davenport is a long-time fan of Think Tasmania. She met Jeanette and Roger Findlay on Flinders Island last Anzac Day. She has family on Flinders; and family and many friends in Tasmania. She spends all her holidays in Tasmania and loves to write about her travels. Kerry has been told her “camera” takes great photos! Some of her work has been published in a local newspaper and Think Tasmania is happy to share her story too.

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