The Antique Emporium in Devonport Tasmania claims to be the state’s most amazing shop. There’s lots of amazing things to discover in Tassie, so that’s a pretty big claim. But we would agree to this much at least: it’s definitely worth a visit.

Antique Emporium - Devonport Tasmania

Antique Emporium: Devonport Tasmania

Devonport Treasure: Antique Emporium

Located at 51 Formby Road in Devonport the Antique Emporium is opposite the Spirit of Tasmania ferry terminal on Mersey River. It’s also close to the shopping mall and the tourist information centre, and they’re all accessible from the city’s central accommodation options. At the time of writing, the business was open seven days.

The Antique Emporium has a fantastic website with some great images of their business and travels to India and China.

Pirate Ship and Hidden Treasure

To qualify as amazing, you have to provide something out of the ordinary. The Antique Emporium does have lots of unusual items. The indoor, two-tiered pirate ship tops the list. With life-size pirate models (including Captain Jack Sparrow, no less!) and smoking cannons, the pirate ship is both amusing and unique.

Antique Emporium - Pirate Ship

Pirate ship: Antique Emporium, Devonport

I love to forage through interesting shops, hoping to find a special treasure or bargain or two. It would be fair to say though, my children don’t exactly appreciate the art of browsing. But during this antique shopping expedition, they were the ones getting excited at every turn. Awesome!

Antique Emporium - Treasure Chest

Hate to say it, but… treasure chest?

Lollies and Sweets for the Treasures

Of course, having a lolly shop and pirates in the same place does wonders for the perception of a business. In the centre of the Antique Emporium, sheltered behind some beaded curtains, is a room filled with jars of old-fashioned sweets and boxes of candy bars.

Antique Emporium - Lolly Shop

Lolly shop treasure: Antique Emporium

Not that I endorse bribery or anything, but kids will do almost anything if you promise a bag of lollies. Even walk quietly and calmly around an antique shop, looking at china plates and fancy teapots and porcelain dolls.

Antique Emporium - Collectibles

Antiques and collectibles for sale: Devonport, Tasmania

Antique Emporium: Other Collectibles

The owner is more than happy to regale you with stories of his buying trips to China, India and other Asian countries. Passionate about his business, it’s clear he revels in the discovery of a unique treasure in a remote village. He seems to remember the story behind every piece in the shop!

For the gardener, the Antique Emporium has a big range of European wrought and cast iron furniture, resin fountains and designer ornaments. There’s also imported pots, urns, statues, bird baths… and even some cheeky gnomes have a place in the conglomerate.

Antique Emporium - Garden Products

Garden products, gifts and furniture: Antique Emporium

Wander upstairs and you realise two things:

(1)  Many dealers make up the whole emporium. In fact, about 40 dealers offer items from their own special niches within the antique world.

(2) This place has a lot of old books. And not just books. There’s magazines and comics as well, and they’re all shelved neatly in a number of categories.

Antique Emporium - Books

Huge book collection: Antique Emporium, Devonport

The Antique Emporium has literally 1000s of items and you would be hard-pressed to go away empty handed. Jewellery, kitchen appliances, coins, stamps, ceramics, trading cards, vintage clothing, glassware… you get my drift. After all that, it may just be the most amazing shop in Tasmania!

Keep up to date with news from Antique Emporium online.


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