We received these terrific photos with a letter from Lynn Gorman when we updated our cover photo on Facebook recently. The trio of images taken by Dan Fellow included a delicious-looking pie from the House of Anvers in Latrobe and inspired a lot of comment. So if you’re not completely over chocolate yet, here’s a bit more!

Anvers - Lynn Gorman
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Photos from the House of Anvers

Hi Tania

The latest post on Facebook about Anvers showing Dan’s photos made me go looking for some of mine.

We didn’t go there for brekky but did go for a late lunch after running around getting our last minute Tassie favourites, including chocolate, before we went on the Spirit of Tasmania (and knowing we were going to eat in their excellent restaurant for dinner).

Our solution to the problem of which dessert etc was solved by having salmon roulade first, followed by an Anvers chocolate tasting plate and then sharing a dessert, accompanied by their great hot chocolate.

We also passed this tradition on by taking friends of ours to Anvers for some of the same before they sailed… they joined us for just over a week of our two month caravan trip late last year. And it was just as good the second time!


Lynn Gorman

Anvers - Salmon Roulade
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Salmon roulade: House of Anvers

Anvers - Chocolate
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Chocolate selection: House of Anvers, Latrobe

What can we say? Thanks Lynn for sharing your experience at the House of Anvers in Latrobe with us. It all looks delicious, and I’m sure more people will be adopting your tradition. Well done!

You can see more photos taken by Lynn Gorman during her travels in Tasmania. We’ve also published images of novelty mailboxes captured around the state.

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Map: The House of Anvers, Latrobe Tasmania

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