If you’re looking for a fabulous place to walk your dog in southern Tasmania, try Arm End Recreation Reserve.

Arm End Recreation Reserve - Derwent River

Tasmania: walking with views for days!

Dog Friendly: Arm End Recreation Reserve

An easy 45-minute drive from Hobart will see you at O’Possum Bay on South Arm Peninsula. Dogs need to stay on-lead, which is possibly a shame if you have a well-behaved pooch you can keep under effective control.

Arm End Recreation Reserve - Dog-Friendly Walk

Dogs on lead: Arm End Recreation Reserve

We don’t have a dog like that. Our Coco would never be seen again if we let her loose on South Arm Peninsula. So we were happy to keep Coco on-lead and Coco was happy enough, despite her desperate desire to follow all the exotic, rabbit smells.

Arm End Recreation Reserve - Dog Walk

Walking track: Arm End Recreation Reserve

Golf Course in Tasmania

If developers ever build the golf course at Arm End Recreation Reserve, it will rival Barnbougle in north east Tasmania. The Derwent River views across the eastern suburbs of Hobart… simply breathtaking.

Arm End Recreation Reserve - Golf Course Development in Tasmania

Golf Course Development: Arm End Recreation Reserve

For a mid-journey coffee stop (between Hobart and O’Possum Bay) we can totally recommend Driftwood Restaurant in Lauderdale. The deck is dog-friendly too!

Arm End Recreation Reserve - Driftwood Restaurant

Driftwood Restaurant, Lauderdale Tasmania

You can access Arm End Recreation Reserve via Spitfarm Road in O’Possum Bay. Phone Clarence City Council on (03) 6217 9500 for details, or contact the reserve managers: Parks and Wildlife Tasmania.

Arm End Recreation Reserve - O'Possum Bay, Tasmania

Arm End Recreation Reserve, Tasmania

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