For those who live in our wonderful island state, or for those who visit us as welcome tourists, it is pleasing to see local people interacting with each other over the bridge that often divides business and art. Artentwine, a biennial event, achieves this interesting and attractive spirit of cooperation with an elegant flair and the resulting events at wineries, gardens, public halls and other interesting locations are well worth a visit.

Artentwine - West Tamar Arts Groups

Artentwine: West Tamar (photos by Len Langan)

Artentwine: Stimulate the Senses

by Len Langan

Although it may not always be obvious Tasmania has a thriving and exceptionally creative fraternity producing some remarkably progressive visual and thought provoking works reflecting both our historic cultural associations and our ability to accommodate new and challenging creative philosophies.

If in the rush of modern life we stand the risk of losing the social contacts and the joy of friendships once enjoyed in the past expressing itself in caring community co-operation Artentwine offers a refreshing eye-opener and a door way into the community spirit that is still within our grasp as human beings. In short these events are designed to Stimulate the Senses and they do exactly that.

Programme a Delicious Feast

Think Tasmania appreciates the exciting Artentwine programme. Having seen some of the creative works exhibited at the wineries we found all of them impressive and some very moving in their haunting beauty reflecting the romantic and the possible in human thought and action. These things deserve to be seen and the joint creativity of the wine makers and the artists is a delicious feast for the taste buds and the mind.

Equally appealing and stimulating the activities being hosted in various community halls are reminders of our rich heritage and of the joy to be found in the family of small communities. These assembly rooms are by no means ready for the scrap heap and the events that Artentwine have helped to promote remind us that we are not totally dependent on push button beeping electronic gadgets but still delightfully human and members of communities that can meet face to face.

Artentwine: West Tamar Landscape

Artentwine asks us to “Unwind the West Tamar landscape, connect with its beauty, its people and its stories” and the wise will take this opportunity both now and in the future. The full printed schedule of the art festival events can be found at our Visitor Information Centres and at the wineries participating in this charming programme.

Thanks and congratulations to the Artentwine sponsors, organisers, artists and wine makers and all of the people who have contributed in any way to this mentally invigorating programme for making such a valuable contribution to Tasmanian life.

Len Langan lives in Longford with his wife Jill.  They are both passionate about Tasmanian heritage and tourism and things that can be done in this industry. Len writes about Tasmanian history  for both The Courier in Longford and the magazine Sagacity,  and works with Virtuosi taking music to rural areas.

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