It’s Friday, the day we’d usually publish a new article by Carol Haberle. As many of you may know, our dear friend and valued team member has been fighting illness of late. So there’s no new article to publish today, and to be honest… that’s the least of Carol’s worries right now. We just wish her a speedy and full recovery to good health. However, as a salute to the great work she’s already done over the journey with Think Tasmania, we’ve compiled a best-of list to share.

Article by Carol - Haberle Photocards

Nant Estate Distillery: Bothwell Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

The Most-Loved Article by Carol

This was no easy task as it turns out. We couldn’t choose just one special article by Carol that we loved the most, or a short-list even. So we declared this task a popularity contest as voted by her devoted fans. These are the top twelve articles readers felt compelled to share. And when we say “share” we mean directly from our website. There’s no way of knowing how many times each article has been distributed via social media, but we’re guessing a lot more!

Coming in at number one, a tale of Mount Roland, one of the recent pieces written and photographed by Carol. It was published just last month, and already it’s been shared many, many (186) times!

Article by Carol - Mount Roland

Stunning photos of Mount Roland (photo by Carol Haberle)

We present the runner-up trophy to a story about winter in Tasmania (179), proving all four distinct seasons in Tassie can be popular; not just the peak tourist time.

Article by Carol - Winter in Tasmania

Winter magic: Lake Burbury (photo by Carol Haberle)

It’s no surprise that Tasmanian Devil Facts (166) collected the bronze medal. Everyone is fond of themes touching on the iconic but threatened Tassie Devil.

Article by Carol - Tasmanian Devil Facts

Facts about the Tasmanian Devil (photo by Carol Haberle)

Next in the queue, we head to Launceston for a lovely family-friendly article by Carol about City Park (115). As always, the photos are really stunning.

Article by Carol - Launceston City Park

City Park: Launceston Tasmania  (photo by Carol Haberle)

The timing of this next article couldn’t have been more perfect. An extension to the Tasmanian World Heritage (114) wilderness region was announced around the time this research was published.

Article by Carol - World Heritage

World Heritage Tasmania: Liffey Falls (photo by Carol Haberle)

This is the original Think Tasmania article by Carol, and possibly the best. Obviously many people rate The Tarkine (122) worth sharing with others.

Article by Carol - The Tarkine

Trowutta Arch: Tarkine Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

Here’s another pretty place Carol was able to visit near her home town of Ridgley in north west Tasmania. Annsleigh Gardens (114) has also proved popular with readers.

Article by Carol - Annsleigh Gardens

Annsleigh Gardens: north west Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

We’ve already mentioned the seasons, so there’s probably no surprise that information about Autumn in Tasmania (104) has also been well-received.

Article by Carol - Bell's Parade in Autumn

Shades of Autumn (photo by Carol Haberle)

Fishing is very popular in Tasmania, and the trout capital gets great exposure thanks to Carol. A story featuring Cressy (100) has the usual amazing photos.

Article by Carol - Cressy

Brumbys Creek: Cressy Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

Wedge-Tailed Eagle (99), a joint effort with Carol’s photography friend Brett Chatwin, also makes this list of favourites.

Article by Carol - Wedge-Tailed Eagle Mural

Mural: wedge-tailed eagles (photo by Carol Haberle)

Going the extra mile for photos and history, Carol details the Mountain Huts (88) of the Great Western Tiers in this beautiful story.

Article by Carol - Haberle Hut

Carol: Haberle Hut (photo by Kevin Haberle)

Who would’ve thought the Common Wombat (79) would be so popular. Well… we did, actually! Last but certainly not least, this handsome fella rounds out the top dozen single articles written by Carol.

Article by Carol - Common Wombat

Common wombat: wildlife in Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

Several others only just missed the “most popular” list, with another seven individual articles shared more than 65 times each. The top three series were…

So what do you think of this list? Did your favourite article by Carol Haberle make the cut? If you were one of the readers doing the sharing, what inspired you to do so? We’d love to know. As a team, we strive to bring you the information you really want; so if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered in the future, please let us know that too. And thanks to everyone for helping spread the word about all things Tasmanian and Carol’s great work.

Article by Carol - Haberle, Photographer in Tasmania

Carol: Mt Paris Dam, Tasmania (photo by Kevin Haberle)