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Top End of Lake Mackintosh

This photo shows the top end of Lake Mackintosh. It was taken by Carol Haberle as the morning mist was lifting from the surface of the lake, with the promise of a beautiful sunny day. Hope you like this month's photo ~ Greg Hale Carol's Photo: Top End of Lake...

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Sunset Photographs by Carol Haberle

Here is one of Carol's beautiful sunset photographs. This Mersey River sunset was captured at 4:30pm on 20 June, 2010. I hope your viewers enjoy this beautiful photo ~ Greg Hale Tasmania Rocks Sunset Photographs Think Tasmania has previously featured images...

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Pinktober Light Up Hobart: NBCF

Pinktober Light Up Hobart is brought to you by MacMurray Insurance Brokers and will commence from 1 October 2017. Pinktober Light Up Hobart highlights will include... Hobart's Railway Roundabout Fountain (see photo above) Elizabeth Street Mall and Kennedy Lane...

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Investors Buy in Hobart Tasmania

A Great Place to Live - Why Investors Are Rushing to Buy Property In Tasmania Tasmania is a great place to live, with beautiful surroundings and loads to do. This is something those of us who live here already know. However there has been an interesting trend of late...

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Ocean Omegas… Thank You!

I have a nasty little headache today. Actually, I should say... I HAD a headache. I was about to reach for some chemist painkillers, when I thought better of the idea and instead grabbed my trusty box of Ocean Omegas products. Flinders Island: Ocean Omegas I should be...

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Pizzarazzi Pizza for Dinner

We pretend we don’t eat very much pizza. It’s true, we don’t order pizza very often. But when we do order pizza, we order from Pizzarazzi, and we get the “dinner for six” deal. Pizza for days! The leftovers freeze well, so we can whip out a sneaky bit of pizza anytime...

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Gardens in Tasmania: On Tour

We discovered some lovely gardens in Tasmania on a reconnaissance mission recently, with Sally from Herbaceous Tours. We can't give away too many secrets, because they're not our secrets to share. We will share Sally's contact details though (scroll down) so if you're...

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