Tasmania is becoming increasingly arty;  many would agree with that statement. People looking to holiday or move to the island state are often looking for an artistic flavour; with dining and scenery thrown into the mix. Such is the case with Kym and Sarah, who contacted Think Tasmania, excited about the prospect of relocating.

Arty - View over Sheffield

Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Arty Types: Move to Tasmania

So they’ve made the decision: Tasmania is the go. Next on the agenda will be zoning in on a particular place to establish their new home and get settled in. That shouldn’t be hard, right? Actually, when it comes down to choosing the most suitable Tasmanian region or town, the consensus is not quite so clear. We asked for suggestions on our Facebook page to help Kym and Sarah decide where to move, and they now have lots of ideas to consider.

Arty - Everywhere Which Way

All roads lead to Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Here’s what we posted…

Kym & Sarah are coming to Tassie in a few months, hoping to relocate for a few years. As they’ve never been here before, they would really appreciate some advice on some groovy little suburbs/townships that are a bit left of centre, arty, have cafes and restaurants, not to mention slightly country or coastal. Yes, that’s a lot to ask, but they’re confident Tasmania is the place to tick all the boxes. So what do you reckon? Suggestions please.

And here’s the responses from our Facebook friends after just the first day…

Kris ~ Penguin….it has it all.

Renee ~ North Hobart – not exactly country or coastal but not too far from either.

Nick ~ Deloraine, the arts and crafts capital. Good restaurants and galleries, lovely people.

Jason ~ Derby

Kim ~ Oatlands is having an arty renaissance and is very rural. A lot of new artisans have moved there injecting new life into a pretty little town. Cygnet is definitely left of centre.

Michelle ~ Would definitely agree with Penguin, Deloraine, Oatlands and North Hobart. What about Sheffield too and there’s plenty more out there. Tassie has lots of towns that are becoming arty. Just have to put our thinking caps on for a bit.

Jessica ~ Latrobe!

Anja ~ Life in Cygnet and surrounds is just awesome. Fantastic community spirit, great cafes, beautiful scenery, arty…

Cassandra ~ If you’re heading down Cygnet way there’s a little shop on the way to Geeveston called the Enchanted Woods that does amazing things with metal. My friend and I go there every time she comes to the island, her bedroom wall is now covered in about 10 years worth of shimmering butterflies, owls, frogs and various other things all done in beautiful metallic colours!

Bev ~ Stanley is just the spot.

Kathy ~ Franklin!

Janet ~ East coast is stunning, good arts community at St Marys and active regional arts group. Not much employment but the lifestyle is blissful. We came here five years ago – best move ever!! But ALL of Tas is wonderful.

Rachel ~ Sheffield – it is the town of murals after all. It is also close to everything you could want, great food, wines, countryside and not too far to Bakers Beach, Devonport and many of the other great locations everyone else mentioned. Sheffield is where we would be if it wasn’t for the business we are about to buy 😉

Mures Tasmania ~ Swansea ticks those boxes I’d say, Cygnet too perhaps, maybe Boat Harbour, St Helens, Franklin, Bruny Island… Woodbridge, Strahan, Bothwell, Coles Bay, Campbell Town… My gut feel though is that as mentioned above, they might settle in North Hobart for the action and get their country/coastal fix on the weekends – it’s so close anyway!

Sarah ~ I can’t wait to go home and check some I haven’t heard of out. I love that Tassie is big on sustainability, eco and organic 🙂

Megan ~ Scottsdale: we have cafes, an art gallery, plus heaps more. And beautiful Bridport about a 20 minute drive away.

Tasmanian Wood Jewellery ~ New Norfolk, lots of antique stores, nice coffee shops, good shopping, beautiful scenery, historic villages and gorgeous places to visit in the Derwent Valley.

Heritage Highway Tourism Region Tasmania ~ So many towns and villages along the Heritage Highway region… from Perth to Pontville

Iona ~ Sheffield.

Kymberlee ~ Thanks everyone for all of the tips! Our night will be spent Googling!

Danielle ~ All of Tassie is gorgeous and there’s delightful little arty towns dotted everywhere. North-west Tassie is my pick of the bunch though – there are so many quaint, arty little towns, all with totally unique characters and atmospheres. Along the coast from Ulverstone to Penguin to Stanley… and then inland – Latrobe and Sheffield, and down to Deloraine. Magic.  I’d recommend having a good look around – sample before you settle 🙂 There’s so much to choose from… and just see where you’re drawn. Sometimes places find us 🙂

Arty - Enchanted Woods

Enchanted Woods: Huon Valley (photo by Dan Fellow)

Who Will Win the Arty Race?

Looks like Sheffield (closely followed by Cygnet) is leading the race to win the hearts and minds of arty pair Kym and Sarah. But some of you don’t follow the Facebook page, so I thought it was only fair that you have a chance to voice your opinion here. Take another look at their list of prerequisites for the ideal Tasmanian town, and let us know your thoughts. Don’t be shy, all opinions are equally worthy and welcome. I can’t wait to see which town is the most popular in this mini-survey (and I’m sure Kym and Sarah will be very happy with your assistance!).

Arty - Stanley Tasmania

Stanley Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

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