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Author: Carol Haberle

Cataract on Paterson, Launceston

Tasmania is fast gaining a reputation as a gourmet’s paradise, our clean surrounding ocean waters, cool temperate climate, fresh air, pure water sources and fertile soil help provide an array of fresh seasonal produce. Located at 133 Paterson Street in Launceston, the Cataract on Paterson fully exploits the principle of ‘fresh local’, proudly supporting Tasmanian farmers by sourcing produce from local producers and farm gates, with a very strong focus on the use of the seasonal fresh Tasmanian produce available. Stonegrill at Cataract on Paterson by Carol Haberle Among the many menu options, one very unique dining experience Cataract on...

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Summer in Tasmania

Summer, 1st December to 28th/29th February, is the season when we can appreciate our cool temperate maritime climate. Influenced by the oceans surrounding our island state, Tasmania escapes searing heat and high humidity. Average Summer temperatures in Tasmania are between 17° and 23° Celsius (62° and 73° Fahrenheit) but we do occasionally record temperatures right up to the mid 30s Celsius range. Summer Fun and Sun: Tasmania by Carol Haberle Daylight Savings continues throughout the whole of the Summer season, providing us with an average 14.7 hours of daylight each day. Hobart sees the most summertime daylight hours of...

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Old Coast Road: Scenic Drive

Living in Tasmania, growing up by the beach in Penguin, travelling daily by bus to Ulverstone via the Old Coast Road during my high school years, I was a child who grew up with a coastal life. Today, with a love of landscape photography, looking through the lens of my cameras has opened my eyes to all the beauty I once took for granted. Here on the North West Coast of Tasmania so much coastal beauty can be found. Ulverstone to Penguin via The Old Coast Road by Carol Haberle One of my favourite scenic drives is to travel...

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Trowunna Wildlife Park

The definition of Trowunna is 1. Heart-shaped island home 2. A wildlife sanctuary. Trowunna: Wild at Heart by Carol Haberle 1892 Mole Creek Road is the location of Trowunna, a wildlife park with a difference, where animal carers certainly have big hearts! 65 acres of sanctuary, a natural safe haven for our native Tasmanian wildlife. Trowunna Wildlife Park is privately owned, with a primary goal of wildlife conservation and education. Trowunna is a safe haven for all kinds of native fauna that pass through the region. Here at Trowunna, one can simply wander at their own leisure, or take...

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Life with Leukaemia

I was diagnosed with Lymphoma (large diffuse B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) in October 2012, and just as in the Leukaemia Foundation’s television advertisement, my first thoughts were: Lymp what? I had never heard of it. Leukaemia: Personal Experience of Lymphoma by Carol Haberle Lymphoma is a type of cancer that begins in immune system cells called lymphocytes. Like other cancers, lymphoma occurs when lymphocytes are in a state of uncontrolled cell growth and multiplication. Lymphoma may develop in the lymph nodes, spleen, bone marrow, blood or other organs. Our lives were turned upside down. Due to the advanced stage of...

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