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Author: Dan Fellow

Tasmanian Devils in the Spotlight

Over the years I have spent much time with Tasmanian Devils nipping at my toes while photographing them. I’m attaching some of my best images for you. Note… one of my camera filters still has a tooth scratch in it, a testament to the aggressive behavior of Tasmanian Devils! Save the Tassie Devils by Dan Fellow Our single greatest icon as you know is in trouble. We don’t hear a great deal about this any more. DFTD (Devil Facial Tumor Disease) is still a very big problem. Not only is more research needed, but protection of the last habitats for...

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Makers Workshop Photos by Dan Fellow

Bev and I went to Burnie over the weekend.  Bev wanted to see the Makers Workshop, so I took these images for Think Tasmania. It sure is an interesting place to visit. You can spend a lot of time browsing the exhibits and art stalls and talking with the artists. There are some great bargains to be had too. There is a large gift shop and cafe with a view of the Burnie coast. Plenty of parking and well located for a stroll on the beach, or walk into town. We enjoyed the visit. Makers Workshop: Burnie Tasmania We would totally agree with Dan and Bev’s assessment of the Makers Workshop in Burnie. It still looks and sounds exactly as we’d remember, despite twelve months passing since our last visit. Dan was lucky to see so many makers in action, though. The workshop section was strangely quiet (in comparison) during our previous trips to Burnie.   With your own visit to the Makers Workshop, you may like to incorporate an inspection of the Pulp Paper Trail as described and photographed by Carol Haberle. Not that you need to plan too much… we spent a day in Burnie with “nothing to do” and had a marvelous time. The City of Burnie has a number of tourist attractions, and you’ll find many of them have been featured via Think Tasmania before....

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Devil Bakehouse: Welcome to Perth

Last week saw the grand opening of Devil Bakehouse in Perth. What a great little family venture! Kane and Kim Williams have created a wonderful cafe bakery with a nice home-like feel. The food is beautiful and the large front windows just light the place up. A cozy room with a fireplace adds to the warmth of the place. Devil Bakehouse: What’s New In Town? by Dan Fellow Devil Bakehouse is located on the highway in Perth, a small Tasmanian town in the Northern Midlands Council region. Perth has a population of about 2,200 permanent residents and lies about 20kms south of the Tasmanian city of Launceston. The newly opened cafe will be a nice place for travellers to enjoy.   Business owners Kane and Kim are really nice people and their venture should do well. Especially when you combine a prime location on the main drag with friendly service and good products. They can be contacted by mobile: 0448 465 254 (Kane) or 0405 668 770 (Kim) or by emailing Devil Bakehouse. You can also follow Devil Bakehouse on Facebook. Note: it may seem like all roads lead to Perth right now! Last week we also published an article about our experience at Ut Si Cafe Gallery. With the new Devil Bakehouse, there should be something to suit the taste of every diner in town! [metaslider id=49393] Devil...

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Hatchers Manor, Richmond: Hello There!

Guess who this note came from… Stayed at Hatchers Manor in Richmond. I’ve done so for many years and they are super people. I’ve sent you some of the images I’ve taken over the years. I hope you can create an interesting article. It was a real family effort to build the place… a work of love you might say. Great cafe (open to the public) and wedding venue too. Hatchers Manor: Dan Fellow If you guessed Dan Fellow, then give yourself a pat on the back, because you would be spot on! Dan takes great photos, and he loves to...

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The Tarkine: Tasmanian Wilderness Photos

We recently published an article about The Tarkine written by Carol Haberle. As it turns out, another member of our great team has a collection of photos from the north west coast wilderness, and is also passionate about raising the awareness of the Tasmanian region. You might not be surprised to hear that person is Dan Fellow. The Tarkine: Tasmanian Wilderness by Dan Fellow As usual, Dan likes to let his superb photography speak for itself. We’ve taken his photos and turned them into a slideshow for our YouTube channel. With a little gentle backing music added, it’s three minutes...

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