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Author: Tania Horne

Mulan Restaurant: Chinese

We might head to Mulan Restaurant for dinner. The power’s been out. Woolworths has spectacularly failed to deliver our online order for the second consecutive day. I’ve been a bit sick (hence the “emergency” food order from the supermarket). Anyway, that’s enough excuses. We’re going out for dinner tonight. Yes! Chinese in North Hobart: Mulan Restaurant We know the food will be good because we’ve dined at Mulan Restaurant before. The meals and remaining menu were such that we’re inspired to go back and try more dishes. We’ve already tried a hot-and-spicy tom yum seafood soup with squid, shrimp, mussels,...

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Platypus Walk: Hamilton

Platypus Walk was my saving grace last weekend. For the last few weeks, I’ve been suffering from a nasty lurgy which comes complete – free of extra charge – with a persistent, hacking cough. Fun! Hamilton: Platypus Walk Saviour There’s nothing particularly unique about the illness. I’m just sick enough to be miserable without needing too much sympathy, really. Anyway, Gavin – bless his heart – took me on a drive from Hobart to Hamilton, a comfortable hour’s journey via New Norfolk in the Derwent Valley. The trip was a much-needed distraction and required absolutely no effort on my part. I...

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Saltshaker Restaurant: Seaside

We sometimes drive from Hobart to Swansea just for a day trip. We love the place! And lunch at Saltshaker Restaurant is always a treat. Swansea Tasmania: Saltshaker Restaurant On a fine day, there’s nothing finer than dining on the deck at Saltshaker Restaurant. We were lucky to get a prime seaside seat for our recent experience in Swansea. So we ordered oysters to celebrate! We also ordered fish with greens, fried Camembert with salad and a side of chips. There may have been a cheeky beer as well. It was sunny! There’s always boating activity on the water...

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Levendale: Derelict Cottage

Continuing the historical theme, here is a photo of a derelict cottage at Levendale taken by Carol Haberle (14 April 2012). In its prime, the cottage would have been owned by a wealthy farmer. If readers have any additional information to add about Levendale, a reply in the comments section would be greatly appreciated ~ Greg Hale Greg Hale is curating this series for Think Tasmania, featuring a monthly photo (or photos) taken by Carol Haberle. Greg was a colleague, photography mentor and friend of Carol’s and we’re delighted to continue sharing her great work with her fans. If you...

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The Glass House. Amazing!

Have you been to The Glass House in Hobart? That place is amazing! We were angling for coffee from Brooke Street Larder, but the water-level cafe was closed for a private function. We took a punt on the larder’s Brooke Street Pier neighbours, and we were in luck. Totally amazed at the Hobart waterfront views. I guess it’s called The Glass House for a reason! The service was very attentive, especially considering our drop-in status. Coffee was good too. We may have also had some Tasmanian cheese and a glass of wine… just while we were there! So there’s nothing...

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