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Author: Tania Horne

Tasmanian History Sparking Interest!

It’s a Miracle!  Tasmanian History is Fascinating. Tasmanian History: making teaching (and learning) easier!  Anyone with school-aged kids will know this:  you have to offer them something exceptional to spark an interest in history. Tasmanian History is Monumental… Here’s the thing with Tasmanian history – the whole state is a monument!  Every way you turn, there’s bridges and buildings built by convict hand.  There’s a whole attraction at Port Arthur dedicated to transportation, focused on the colonisation of Australia.  And what about the naming of the towns and features? Exploring Tasmanian History… When crossing from Melbourne to Devonport on...

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OPossum Bay for Day Tripping!

OPossum Bay – What a Strange Name! OPossum Bay is a river/seaside town resting at the very tip of the South Arm Peninsula.  For boat owners it is a short joy-ride away from the state’s capital of Hobart.  But it is one true gem that could easily be missed, as we discovered before our permanent sea-change… Why not OPossum Bay? Originally in Tasmania for a house sitting assignment, we didn’t hear mention of the beautiful beach at Opossum Bay, so close to the capital city.  Yet surely it’s a name you would remember?  We almost made it once, driving...

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Tasmania… Beach? No!!

Isn’t this Site About Tasmania? Beach…You’re Kidding, Right? Tasmania?  Beach? In the same sentence?  Yep, this site is all about Tassie.  But nope, we’re not kidding.  And this is one of the tip top secrets safeguarded by the locals:  there’s great beaches! They don’t want you to know, so you must promise not to tell… but there is an astonishing assortment of seaside villages – all with bucket loads of charm, pure sand and the most crystal-like water you could possibly imagine.  We were surprised (shocked, even!) when we managed to discover Tasmania had these little gems. So, considering...

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Just What is Made in Tasmania?

Made in Tasmania: Market Showcase What is made in Tasmania? Good question, that. All over the state, markets offer a feast for the senses and a truly unique insight into the creative talents of the Tasmanian people. It’s a great way to meet locals, always proud to promote “made in Tasmania” brands. Made in Tasmania, Fresh for You! The compact nature of the island provides the perfect opportunity for local producers to peddle their wares. Not only can you buy fresh seasonal produce – the mixture of goods extends to flowers, chocolates, handbags, clothing… Actually it’s impossible to list...

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Port Arthur Tasmania: Heaven or Hell?

So it was off to Port Arthur on the Tasman Peninsula for me this week.  Cited as the the Big Daddy of Tasmanian tourist attractions, what I discovered was actually quite surprising… Port Arthur Tasmania: Convict Hell, Photography Heaven! Not usually a huge fan of the big promotion attraction, I ventured along without high hopes of genuine appeal.  I’m happy to say on this occasion I was dead wrong! Port Arthur: Tasmanian Convict Settlement From 1830, convicts were sent to the settlement, originally working the small timber station.  With industries such as ship-building and brick-making forged by convict labour,...

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