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Author: Tania Horne

A Visit to the Tasmanian Museum…

The Tasmanian Museum.  I would suggest it’s one of the best attractions to visit in Hobart.  But who’s going to believe me? Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery Not wanting to show bias to my personal favourites, I enlisted the assistance of two junior researchers.  Their job was to judge if I was just a geek (their word), or my suggestion really held up. There is a school holiday program conducted at the museum, but in the interests of a fair trial, my group went in to tackle the exhibits head on.  The results, I’m happy to report, were unanimous...

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Sail Away on the Spirit of Tasmania!

Book the Spirit of Tasmania?  The things I do in the name of research!!  Not usually a sea-faring lass, my options were pretty limited in this:  either take the damn boat, or churn out a second-rate piece.  So, here’s my first-hand account (and I hope you’re grateful)… Voyage on the Spirit of Tasmania The vehicle and passenger ferries named Spirit of Tasmania I and II cross Bass Strait overnight between Melbourne on the mainland of Australia and Devonport in Tasmania.  Offering an alternative to flying (albeit a longer trip), there is the optional bonus of bringing your own car/caravan/boat...

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TAFE Tasmania Creates CLAYmates!

Four friends, all TAFE Tasmania Art School graduates, have joined creative forces to launch their new ceramics venture, aptly named CLAYmates. Even the business name gives an insight into their quirky and clever talents. TAFE Tasmania: from Art Students to CLAYmates! Leaving the safety of studies behind, the enterprising women are now looking to turn their passion for clay into a viable and sustainable small industry.  By joining forces, they can motivate and encourage each other, while still maintaining their individual flair. Dawn, Janet, Lynn and Robyn obviously spend countless hours creating their unique pieces.  It must be difficult...

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