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Author: Tania Horne

Botanical Gardens Tulips in Hobart

While you’re waiting patiently for Table Cape tulips to spring into action this year, you might like to visit the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens tulips. They’re out in force; a stunning red and white display outside the conservatory. Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens Tulips We took some of our Chinese VIPs along to see the Botanical Gardens tulips in Hobart, and they were suitably impressed. We all took lots of photos! You’ll find the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens on Lower Domain Road, part of the Queens Domain precinct in Hobart. Phone (03) 6166 0451 for details or follow Royal Tasmanian Botanical...

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Just the One Day in Hobart

We’re bemused to read visiting journalist suggestions for one day in Hobart with itineraries including EVERYTHING. Have they ever been here? You simply cannot visit a trio of stellar sites like Port Arthur Convict Settlement and Mount Field National Park and Tahune AirWalk in a single day and do any of them justice. Impossible! And insane to try. Keeping it Real: One Day in Hobart We’ve had a little experience with tourist attractions in Tasmania, so we give you… one of many possible itinerary suggestions. This one day in Hobart is spent contained within the actual city limits and book-ended by stunning views over the...

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Sunset Photographs by Carol Haberle

Here is one of Carol’s beautiful sunset photographs. This Mersey River sunset was captured at 4:30pm on 20 June, 2010. I hope your viewers enjoy this beautiful photo ~ Greg Hale Tasmania Rocks Sunset Photographs Think Tasmania has previously featured images showcasing sunset photographs as chosen by Greg for the Carol Haberle Photo of the Month series. For this version of additional reading, we’ve chosen five of the best images and articles for your personal enjoyment. Click each link below for more information. Cam River: Sunset over Somerset Forth River: Sunset Photography Fisherman at Sunset: Photo of the Month Leven River...

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Ocean Omegas… Thank You!

I have a nasty little headache today. Actually, I should say… I HAD a headache. I was about to reach for some chemist painkillers, when I thought better of the idea and instead grabbed my trusty box of Ocean Omegas products. Flinders Island: Ocean Omegas I should be working furiously today, because time at my own desk has been seriously limited lately. I’ve been doing lots of great stuff, but not so much writing for Think Tasmania. Anyway… headache. Wouldn’t you know it? But now I’m okay, so let the first article I’ve written in ages share the joy...

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The Westend Pumphouse: Warm

For fireplace-warmed dining on a chilly Hobart day, try The Westend Pumphouse in Murray Street. The food is casual but really good, and despite its size (or maybe because of it) the large restaurant has a lovely, welcoming ambience. Hobart: The Westend Pumphouse Places to dine in Hobart at odd hours… we’ve talked about that before. We don’t always run to the regular hospitality schedule in Tasmania. We’re weird like that. The Westend Pumphouse is a restaurant, bar and coffee house all rolled into one, so there’s usually something tasty on offer. The place is NOT open every day...

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