If you like cars, the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania is definitely for you! And even if you don’t particularly like cars, you might be surprised to find yourself enjoying this attraction in Launceston anyway. So buckle up for the ride.

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Cars Buckles

Cars: buckles available at the Automobile Museum, Tas

Launceston: National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

The exterior of the Automobile Museum of Tasmania really doesn’t do justice to the treasure inside. Phil Costello, the manager of the museum, told us the street appeal of the venue will soon be overhauled. Renovation plans include a front showroom and an extension to the gift shop (which is already well-stocked with motoring souvenirs).

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Motoring Souvenirs

Automobile Museum of Tasmania gift shop

Cars or Monkeys?

On Cimitiere Street, the entrance faces Launceston City Park. Apparently the men visiting the Automobile Museum of Tasmania often part company with their better halves, directing them over the road to visit the monkeys and John Hart Conservatory.

And while an hour is probably sufficient for a quick lap of the vehicles, those without a reason to leave (or undue influence!) could easily spend much longer.

Peter Brock Motoring History

We toured the site just before the introduction of Brock 05 as the feature theme, which will be on display until June 2011.

Only a small portion of the vehicles are retained each time; the remainder are rotated to suit the scheduled theme every quarter. The vehicles are loaned to the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania by their owners, keen to share the enjoyment of their piece of motoring history.

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Brock 05

Brock 05: National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

A Tour of Vehicles

The experience of vehicle manufacture and racing is highlighted with static displays and photographs. I can imagine the museum will attract lots of tourists visiting Tasmania in April for the Longford Revival Festival, a celebration of the district’s motor sport history, combined with a gourmet food and wine program.

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Motor Racing History

Photographs: motor racing history NAMT, Launceston

Motorcycle Mezzanine

Motorcycles are also included in the trip down memory lane. Several quaint two-wheeled vehicles were scattered between the Muscle Car Legends (the Jan-Mar theme) while a mezzanine floor features many more models. Some of the exhibits are available for purchase, but most are a strictly look-but-don’t-touch arrangement.

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Cars & Motorcylces

Historic cars and motorcycles on display

Admission: Automobile Museum of Tasmania

The National Automobile Museum of Tasmania is a community, non-profit organisation. While the museum employs several staff members, they are assisted by a dedicated band of volunteer motoring enthusiasts. Profits are re-invested to aid the preservation and promote the history of the cars for all to enjoy. A family pass costs $26-00 (individual admission is much less) and could last all day!

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Motoring Volunteers

NAMT motoring-enthusiast volunteer!

Motoring Photography

Taking photos of the classic cars and motorbikes is actually encouraged. At this Launceston attraction, you can even use flash photography or take video footage if you want. Which may cause a problem, if you’re anything like us:  choosing a favourite image to share is a nightmare!

Here’s just a small sample from our collection…

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Display Vehicles

Steering around the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Motorbike Mezzanine

Motorbikes on the mezzanine: motor museum

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Motoring History

National Automobile Museum of Tasmania: motoring history

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Pontiac for Sale

1960 Pontiac Star Chief for sale: $35,000

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Racing Cars

Dick Johnson Racing: cars on display: NAMT, Launceston

Automobile Museum of Tasmania - Motoring Vehicles

Big vehicles, small vehicles and everything in between!

The writer was a guest of the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania. Visit their website or phone (03) 6334 8888 for more information. They are open seven days a week from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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