Of late we’ve been receiving lots of requests for information about moving to Tasmania. You’ll probably not be surprised to hear we also receive plenty of queries from those planning holidays in Tasmania. One such contact was received from reader Graham, who is hoping to plan the best itinerary to highlight Tassie’s fabulous autumn colours.

Autumn Colours - Cascade Gardens, Hobart

Autumn Colours: Cascade Gardens (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Seeking Tassie’s Autumn Colours

My first visit to your website revealed so much great information, so well done to all who contribute. I will be visiting your wonderful island in mid-April 2015 and would like to enquire about autumn colours.

Along with my wife, I will be bringing two ladies from Singapore whose top priority is autumn colours/scenes. Any hints or advice regarding “must see” experiences, places and attractions would be very much appreciated.

Autumn Colours - Derwent Valley

Autumn colours: Derwent Valley (photo by Judy Livingstone)

We will be travelling in my 4wd vehicle and will be staying 14 days. We are keen to include at least one farm stay, as the Singaporeans will love that (and my wife and I will too, of course).

We would appreciate any suggestions you may have. You and your readers know the state of Tasmania much better than we do, and also know your seasons and climate.

Cheers, Graham

Autumn Colours - Russell Falls Walk

Mt Field National Park: Derwent Valley

Booking Tasmanian Accommodation

Following this initial contact, we made a few suggestions. Now accommodation for the first two nights of the holiday has already been booked! Graham said “thank you so much for the wonderful and relevant information”. I said our fabulously-helpful community of readers at Think Tasmania (who are all so helpful, clever and caring) would probably have even more ideas to contribute. And here we are at this article!

Autumn Colours - The Tarkine, Waratah

Whyte’s Lookout Waratah: Tarkine (photo by Carol Haberle)

The two ladies being hosted by Graham and his wife, are seriously looking forward to the trip. They will be flying out from Singapore to Melbourne and then travelling to Tassie on the Spirit of Tasmania.

Planning a Holiday in Tasmania

It’s great to share in the excitement of planning a Tasmanian holiday, and we totally agree with Graham when he says there are “so many wonderful attractions” to choose from.

Autumn Colours - Weston Farm

Weston Farm, Tasmania (photo by Sally Legosz)

Apparently Graham aims to plan the rest of his 14-day itinerary by referring to Think Tasmania’s information. Isn’t that wonderful? We really hope he’s able to share images of autumn colours as seen on tour; we especially love holiday snaps featuring our members.

Graham will be studying our published articles about autumn in Tasmania too, so he and his guests visit the sites showcasing autumn colours the best. So any and all suggestions about that subject would be most welcome. As we’ve said before, we’re always happy to facilitate these reader discussions and forums, both via the website and our various social media channels. Again, we thank everyone in advance for their highly-valued assistance.

Autumn Colours - Uncover Tasmania

Autumn colours (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

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