Last week, we published some awesome sunset scenes captured by talented photographers in Tasmania. That article was shared around and enjoyed widely via social media, so we thought we’d repeat the process again this week. We asked readers to nominate a new theme, and George Tims suggested Autumn Photos. A sunset photo of Dunalley from his daughter Karen featured last time.

Autumn Photos - St Peter's Pass

Autumn: St Peter’s Pass (photo by Dan Fellow)

Autumn Photos: Tasmania Through the Lens

The very same day George suggested Autumn photos, we received a lovely shot from Sonia Di Benedetto. It was an picture she’d snapped in Hobart, and she included this description…

The sky has fallen. I think this photo captures the brilliance of a beautiful Tasmanian autumn day. I took this from the Brooke Street Pier on Tuesday just before midday. It was such a beautiful, sunny day without a breath of wind. The reflections on the Hobart waterfront were beautiful, but I was more intrigued by the fact that it appeared the sky had fallen into the water. Taken with a Samsung Galaxy EK-GC100ZWAXSA camera.

Autumn Photos - Hobart Skies

Autumn skies: Hobart waterfront (photo by Sonia Di Benedetto)

We asked permission to share the image with Think Tasmania readers, and Sonia gave us the nod AND another four awesome autumn photos to include. It was fate, and the theme for our next collection was settled. Given winter is almost upon us, it couldn’t be more appropriate. All Sonia’s photos were taken over the past few weeks and depict Hobart under autumn skies.

Autumn Photos - Hobart Tasmania

Reflections from Brooke Street Pier (photo by Sonia Di Benedetto)

Autumn Photos - Nutgrove Beach

Nutgrove Beach from Lower Sandy Bay (photo by Sonia Di Benedetto)

Autumn Photos - Hobart

Derwent River: Blundstone Arena (photo by Sonia Di Benedetto)

Autumn Photos - Persimmon Tree

Persimmon tree (photo by Sonia Di Benedetto)

Think Tasmania ~ Think Photos

We’re very happy to share Sonia’s beautiful work, and only wish we were able to duplicate the standard ourselves. Luckily for us and of course all our readers, we have these photographic contributions from talented guests and regulars at Think Tasmania, and we value their input enormously.

Carol Haberle has a photo for every occasion, and every season in Tasmania. She shared a lot of her beautiful autumn photos in an article we published back in May 2012. Not only photos, but lots of information about weather patterns, climate temperatures and the colours of the scenery too. She swears winter is her favourite season, but with photos like this, it must be hard to choose. Follow Haberle Photocards on Facebook to see more work by this talented writer/photographer.

Autumn Photo - Falling Leaves

Autumn: falling leaves (photo by Carol Haberle)

Autumn Photos - Elizabeth Town

Autumn Photos: Elizabeth Town (photo by Carol Haberle)

Autumn Photos - Bell's Parade, Latrobe

Shades of Autumn: Bell’s Parade (photo by Carol Haberle)

Autumn Photos - Sherwood Hall, Latrobe

Sherwood Hall: click image (photo by Carol Haberle)

What can we say about Dan Fellow that we haven’t already said before? Nothing, so we’ll just say it again… Dan is a passionate and professional tourism photographer. He works with many Tasmanian business owners and promotes the state in general. There’s no doubt the images shared on the Tasmania Photos Facebook page have tempted tourists to visit. We like his style!

Autumn Photos - Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Autumn Photos - Queenstown

Autumn photos: Mt Owen (photo by Dan Fellow)

These images from Anelda Lotter were all taken at the Cascade Gardens in South Hobart. “There are so many colours and heaps of leaves, all shapes and sizes. Just beautiful,” says Anelda. You can see a complete album of autumn photos on the Anelda Lotter Photography Facebook page. And check out other Think Tasmania articles showcasing the work of Anelda, like the two featuring Hobart Botanical Gardens and Richmond Park Boat House.

Autumn Photos - Cascade Gardens, Hobart

Cascade Garden, South Hobart (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Autumn Photos - Cascade Gardens, Hobart

Cascade Garden, South Hobart (photo by Anelda Lotter)

Autumn Photos - Cascade Gardens, Hobart

Cascade Garden, South Hobart (photo by Anelda Lotter)

We also receive regular contributions from fans of Think Tasmania. Unfortunately sometimes we receive way too many to include every single one, every single time. For this article, we’ve chosen a special entry from Carl Bolton. It’s pretty spectacular, showing the autumn colours at Perth overlooking the South Esk River.

Autumn Photos - South Esk River

Autumn colours: South Esk River (photo by Carl Bolton)

Autumn Photos: Sharing and Saving

We could just share the autumn photos via our Facebook page. That would be so much easier! But that fleeting moment comes and goes in an instant. Besides, anyone who doesn’t follow social media would miss the fun entirely. This way, readers can share the article with their friends, and also bookmark for later. The extra effort does take more time, planning and opportunity; but the results are clearly worth every second. Take note of each photographer’s details. Some of them are professionals who sell images either as a full-time career or a side-line hobby. If you like what you see here, their collections probably contain photos you simply can’t live without.

As usual, copyright remains with the owner of the image, and you must have their express permission to re-use. And while we’re on the subject of permission, please only share images with Think Tasmania that you are legally entitled to share. These details are very important to us… we like to do the right thing. Always.

We’re happy to do what we can to promote such talented photographers in Tasmania. We’re very close to having our new website (complete with online shop) up and running. Then we’ll have the capacity to utilise wonderful image galleries, showcasing a range of gorgeous photos. Summer, autumn, winter and springsunset, sunrise, seascape and landscape. People, towns, food and drink. As usual, anything we publish will only ever feature “all things Tasmanian”, but that subject never gets old.

Photographers featured here are welcome to comment, giving our readers more information about their autumn photos. The when, where, why and how of the shot. That would be very useful, we think. And their admirers are also welcome to shower them with praise!

Autumn Photos - Eye See Personalised Tours

Eye See Personalised Tours (photo supplied)

Of course, other business owners handy with a camera can also contribute next time we open the floor. Just another cost-effective form of advertising with Think Tasmania, to help spread the word about your products and services.

If you’re a photographer or happy-snapper, keep an eye out for more opportunities to share your work via Think Tasmania. And of course, as always, you’re free to contact us privately. Or leave a message on this article if you like. As George did, you might like to suggest a theme for our next album, similar to autumn photos, or a completely random, over-the-top idea. You never know what might happen!