Thursday evening, we went along to Rosny Barn for the City of Clarence Business Excellence and Service Awards presentation. We had a nice time chatting with colleagues from the eastern shore region of Hobart, and congratulations goes to all of them; there are certainly some hardworking people doing some amazing things in Tassie.

Award - Ceremony at Rosny Barn

Award ceremony: Rosny Barn, Clarence

Business Excellence and Service Awards

Among the very worthy award winners on the night were Sally Legosz of Herbaceous Tours, and John Pooley of Pooley Wines. We know that both of them are successful business owners, having enjoyed a first-hand experience of what they offer their customers. They were both gracious and humble in victory, and just all round nice people too!

Award - Pooley Wines

Pooley Wines: Richmond Tasmania

That’s why we were very proud to stand alongside business owners such as these being recognised on the night. That’s right… we won an award too! To our great surprise and delight, Think Tasmania was given the top prize for e-business. Anyone in attendance would now be well aware that public speaking, especially the unprepared kind, is not exactly our forte. And to be quite honest, when it comes to promoting business owners, we’re way better at talking about others than ourselves.

Our Thanks Goes To…

However, it does give us a great opportunity to thank several parties, which is something we do love to do. Just not on a stage with a microphone and a lot of people staring!

Business East ~ John and Tracey have been nothing less than fabulous for Think Tasmania. When we first walked in the door of the Business East Enterprise Centre in Bellerive, we were a little confused and disheartened. Think Tasmania was still just an idea really; any time we’d floated it before, we’d received luke-warm enthusiasm at best. In fact, one person was convinced we couldn’t have, and I quote: “a website about nothing”. They thought creating websites for other people was the way to go.

Within ten minutes of speaking to John Beard, he’d declared “plenty of people do that… you need to be different”. He was truly positive about the concept of Think Tasmania right from the beginning. Build it and they will come! So we’re just like David Walsh and MONA. Minus the billion-dollar budget at our disposal. John was also the catalyst for introducing a focus on Facebook for business owners as one of our strengths.

To this day, Business East are our biggest supporters. Positive, but still honest, which is exactly what emerging business owners need. And if John succeeds in his push to have us network more in the real world (and not just online) he will surely feel his job is done!

City of Clarence ~ the “award-winning” catchphrase has a lovely ring to it, and we wouldn’t have the opportunity to use the term if it weren’t for the Clarence City Council. Having an event such as the Business Excellence Awards, allows business owners to showcase what they offer in front of colleagues and dignitaries. We consider ourselves very lucky to be part of the wonderful community that is Tasmania, and as relative newbies to the state, hope to give as much as we receive.

Award - Business Excellence Ceremony

City of Clarence Award Ceremony

Writers and Photographers ~ of course, to everyone who has contributed even one article or photo to our website or Facebook page, we say a huge thanks. We have a great team and we’re proud to accept this award on behalf of everyone involved with Think Tasmania. We have so many kindred spirits, all looking to promote Tasmania; all having special interests and attributes. Offering a variety of styles and subjects makes Think Tasmania so much more interesting.

Readers ~ it would be a serious shame if we published all these articles and no-one read them! So thanks to all our dedicated followers. To all the people who care enough about what we write to share it with their own network… big thanks to you. We have some awesome material to write about, but you are the reason we have such a big audience, allowing so many people to learn about all things Tasmanian.

Business Owners ~ when you invite Think Tasmania to visit, you allow us to experience what you’re passionate about so we can share that passion with the world. We do appreciate there’s an element of trust involved… trust that we’ll do the right thing and give you the positive coverage your business deserves. But we can guarantee that Think Tasmania will always do the right thing, because we pride ourselves on that fact. Thanks for having faith in us.

Again, we must also thank those business owners who share what we write; seeing Think Tasmania growing organically via social media is a joy! Once you’re in our network, you’re in… we never forget the people who believe in us. We know our promotional system is a little unconventional, and very complex to explain (which is great, because it makes us different); but it works. And hopefully you’d agree that we make it simple for business owners to be involved.

It also makes us extremely happy to see people with renewed enthusiasm for their Facebook pages! To the business owners we’ve met, who originally thought Facebook was too hard or not worth it, we say… we knew you could do it.

Groups and Organisations ~ huge thanks goes to all the councils, regional tourism associations, market coordinators etc who have asked to secure more prominent exposure on the website for their members. Together, we can make amazing things happen, and we’re very excited at the prospect of taking Think Tasmania to the next level. It’s great to know people have confidence in us, as we make even more improvements to the website. There’s no stopping us now: the sky’s the limit.

Think Tasmania - The Sky is the Limit

The sky’s the limit: Think Tasmania

Friends and Family ~ to our long-suffering personal network… thank you and we’re sorry! Thanks for pretending you’re still enthusiastic to hear about Think Tasmania, and we’re sorry it’s all we ever talk about. It’s an obsession, we know! But look… we won an award. That’s good, right? You could have told us to give up because we’d never make any money. Although that probably wouldn’t have stopped us! Thanks for understanding: we love what we do at Think Tasmania.

Exciting and Rewarding for Think Tasmania

In conclusion, we do have one other snippet of very exciting news, but we’re not at liberty to share it quite yet. Without being too annoyingly cryptic, it’s another sign that we’re on the right track at Think Tasmania, and will give all the people we write about even more exposure. And that’s certainly one thing we are good at (award-winningly good at, even!) and love to do. Thanks for allowing us this indulgence… we’re back to talking about everyone else from now on.

Award - E-Business Excellence

Excellence Award for e-Business

Note ~ we don’t have any great photos to share of the award ceremony. We went along to show support for our colleagues, without giving any thought to actually being involved in the proceedings, so the camera was left at home. There was an official photographer in attendance, so we might be able to round up a copy of his photos one day. Although images are clearly important in the work we do, we aren’t particularly fond of actually being the subject of the photos we share!

We do occasionally receive offers of website sponsorship, and we’ll continue to consider them. Obviously, financial assistance from an outside source can only benefit our work. Before contacting Think Tasmania, please be aware that we value our independence and we’re very particular about who we recommend.

Map: Award Ceremony, Rosny Barn Tasmania…

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