We are suspicious of any restaurant telling potential diners (in their title) that they serve “delicious food“. We the diners should collectively be the judge of that, yes? Despite our reservations (or perhaps because of our table reservations!) AWU Delicious Food Chinese Restaurant served exactly what they’d promised. Chinese food that was indeed… delicious!

AWU Delicious Food - Spring Rolls

Spring rolls: delicious Chinese food

Chinese Restaurant: AWU Delicious Food Alright

When we dined at AWU Delicious Food, the Sun Princess cruise ship was docked in Hobart overnight.

AWU Delicious Food - Sun Princess Cruise Ship, Hobart

Sun Princess: Hobart Tasmania

We thought the waterfront restaurant may have been bursting at the seams, but despite the busy evening our waiter was welcoming and attentive. He made suggestions for best-practice sharing options and accompaniments which proved to be on point.

After our meal, we strolled around Victoria Dock, noting many patrons enjoying ice-creams from Mures Seafood Restaurant on Constitution Dock. Good idea!

AWU Delicious Food - Victoria Dock, Hobart

Victoria Dock, Hobart: waterfront dining in Tasmania

What’s been your experience of this Hobart waterfront restaurant? Have your tried their take-away menu, or maybe you’ve relaxed into the squishy dining-room chairs at AWU Delicious Food? By all means, let us know what dish to try next by leaving a comment in the reply section below. Cheers!

AWU Delicious Food - Crispy Duck

Crispy duck: AWU delicious food, Chinese restaurant

Waterfront Dining: Hobart Tasmania

AWU Delicious Food Chinese Restaurant is located at 15 Hunter Street, Hobart near the Drunken Admiral Seafarers Restaurant. Phone (03) 6234 2100 for details or follow AWU Delicious Food on Facebook.

AWU Delicious Food - Chinese Restaurant, Hobart

Chinese: vegetarian spring rolls

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