What does the Barn Market have to offer? Good question! The advertising told us we would find high quality, unique Tasmanian products. We love that. But as usual, we had to actually visit in person to decide for ourselves if the event lived up to expectations. So we ventured along to Rosny Farm on Hobart’s Eastern Shore for the special twilight Barn Market. And it was great!

Barn Market - Pili Pala Pieces

Pili Pala Pieces: Barn Market

Barn Market: Rosny Farm

You may realise that markets are pretty high on the agenda at Think Tasmania. We’ve written about several markets and shopping venues already, and you’ve said “give us more!”. So why did we choose this particular market? Convenient location; convenient time. That’s all. Like everything we aim to cover, there’s lots of options all over the state, and every place has highlights. This is the one place we could be, at this one time!

Rosny Barn is actually a pretty impressive highlight alone. The Clarence City Council commenced a restoration process about 20 years ago, transforming the dilapidated stone building into a venue for concerts and exhibitions. Built about 1818, possibly by an ex-convict, it was originally used as farm storage for hay and grain. Now, the acoustics are perfect for musical performances.

Award - Ceremony at Rosny Barn

Rosny Barn

Pieces of Apple Jelly

Helen Mansbridge owns Pili Pala Pieces and is also the co-ordinator of the Barn Market. She revealed the event is so popular with stall holders, applications have been received from about 100 business owners. Space is shared between applicants, with the aim of providing variety for shoppers. Only artisans who design and produce top quality, hand-made Tasmanian goods are likely to be accepted.

So what’s good for the customer is also good for the seller. With hot competition for every dollar, especially during the peak Christmas trade, there’s an incentive to offer a new and interesting range that no-one has seen before. Just like the delicious treats sold by Mad About Apples. The first stall we came across at the Barn Market belonged to Melita Beard, and we made our first acquisition inside a minute!

Barn Market - Mad About Apples

Mad About Apples (photo supplied)

Any good shopping experience involves food, and the Barn Market is no exception. The twilight version energised after-work shoppers with a snack or a coffee, and even provided a wine-tasting opportunity. Once inside, you could taste other goodies including fudge and a great array of jams, jellies, pickles and sauces from What’s In The Cupboard.

Barn Market - Quince Jelly

What’s in the Cupboard: Quince Jelly

Put Your Creative Genes On

Some of the stall holders were a little reluctant to have their products photographed. Some even joked that I might use the images to replicate their creativity. Absolutely no danger there. That’s why people like me, without a creative bone to speak of, shop at markets. It’s great to meet people who are really passionate about their products, creating something special that hasn’t been imitated.

There’s no doubting that all the stall holders at the Barn Market are very talented and hard-working. Many of them have a full schedule of market appearances. They join projects to promote the Tasmanian makers community. And then in their spare time, in-between family commitments, they return to their workshops to re-stock.

Hats off to them. We’ll be doing what we do best: promoting this clever local industry. We’ll publish a series of articles over the next few months giving an in-depth look at some of these bright operators and their products. After all, a market experience is often one of the highlights on a Tasmanian travel itinerary.

Barn Market - NosMos

Resin pieces: NosMos

Barn Market - Giggling Gertie

Quaint purses by Giggling Gertie

Barn Market Stall Holders

Barn Market Video

We put together a little slideshow of images from the Barn Market (with music, of course!) if you’d like to see more. You won’t be able to resist marking your diary for the next event.

The next Barn Market will be held at Rosny Farm next door to Eastlands on Saturday 26 November 10:00-3:00. Helen reckons it will be the best yet, with everyone unleashing all their Christmas gearMore food, more music and more fun things to do spread over the entire historic Rosny Farm site. See you there!

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