Anyone with an interest in the real food movement, would be pretty pleased to visit Basket and Green. We think, anyway. We’d probably be considered a very suspect resource for healthy food options, but we did enjoy a hearty breakfast there recently, complete with perfectly poached egg, tomato, potato rosti, greens and mushrooms. That’s good, right? Basket and Green was just a lucky find for us… we were in Hobart’s Elizabeth Street for an unrelated research mission (more news on that later). So please, just consider this a bonus story!

Basket and Green - Hobart Cafe

Breakfast: Basket and Green, Elizabeth Street Hobart

Basket and Green Greens

We nipped up the road from the Farm Gate Market, when the gale-force winds got the better of the stalls one Sunday. Basket and Green, the quirkily-named Hobart cafe opens all weekend (thankfully) and serves a wide range of freshly-made fare. It seems (from browsing the lunch menu) they specialise in interesting hot soups and salads. Nothing pretentious though, just good food.

Basket and Green - Metro Tasmania Bus Mall, Hobart

Bus Mall: Elizabeth Street Hobart

Great coffee, too – the kind that demands the ordering of a second cup. And the service was spot on. We entered the front door at the same time as another random couple, and both parties were waved to spare tables without the slightest hint of panic from staff, while simultaneously taking orders from already-seated customers. The cafe looked quite small, but clearly there was another room behind the counter zone, as food was leaving the kitchen and heading to unforeseen territory out the back somewhere.

Basket and Green - Ethos Eat Drink, Elizabeth Street, Hobart

Ethos Eat Drink: Elizabeth Street, Hobart (photo by Roger Findlay)

If you’re more interested in sugary treats than a healthy staple diet (hello!) you’ll be pleased to know the cake display was rather tempting. We’ll return one day and take more photos (if we HAVE to!) but in the meantime, check out Basket and Green on Facebook. Visit in person at 179 Elizabeth Street, Hobart or phone (03) 62671560 for more information.

Basket and Green - CWA Gift Shop Cakes and Slices

CWA Gift Shop: 165 Elizabeth Street, Hobart

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