It’s well-and-truly time to share my Bay of Fires Adventure with readers. It has been 12 months since I did the walk… but the experience was such a fabulous one, I remember it like it was yesterday.

Bay of Fires Adventure - Magnificent Views

Magnificent views: Bay of Fires walk

Bay of Fires Adventure: Memorable Walk

Roger Findlay, my travelling companion, wrote his review for Life’s An Adventure back in October 2011. He’s clearly more dedicated to the task than I am (and possibly more inclined to listen to Tania). There’s also no doubting he’s way more talented when it comes to writing articles, so my version will be modelled on the ethos of Dan Fellow: less words, more photos. Although obviously the photos won’t be quite the same standard as Dan’s. Did I mention I was the IT guru?

There are definitely plenty of chances to capture lasting memories on this Bay of Fires adventure. Regardless of your expertise in the photography stakes, a camera is a must. The Tasmanian beach scenery from start to finish is magnificent, and the guides allow time for walkers to snap anything they consider interesting.

Bay of Fires Adventure - Walking Tour

Bay of Fires: north east Tasmania

Life’s an Adventure: Luxury all the Way

In mentioning the guides, the Life’s an Adventure team get a five-star rating from me. They carry huge packs, so all you need is your own daily supplies: water, camera, etc. The camp, complete with deluxe beds, is ready and waiting for you when you walk in. They cook the food; provide information along the way and understand that everyone likes to go at their own pace.

Bay of Fires Adventure - Camping

Campsite tents, ready and waiting

Bay of Fires Adventure - Gourmet Food

Ate like royalty: Bay of Fires Adventure

During our three days, we were lucky to see a variety of Tasmanian wildlife. Some birds posed nicely for the camera, like the black cockatoo with yellow highlights in his feathers. We even saw some friendly frogs, and some not-so-friendly sharks. Roger caught a shark with his bare hands to save the group from attack.

Actually, to be honest, the poor shark had already met it’s demise when we discovered it… but it made for a bit of light banter. And that’s another thing I really enjoyed on my Bay of Fires adventure: meeting some great people.

Bay of Fires Adventure - Black Cockatoo

Tasmanian wildlife: Black Cockatoo

Bay of Fires Adventure - Shark

Roger Findlay: shark bait

Mark and Vicki Norek: Tourism Award Winners

Since my Bay of Fires adventure, business owners Mark and Vicki Norek have purchased a waterfront beach house in the pretty Ansons Bay region. While camping under the stars is an exemplary experience on night one, a candlelit dinner overlooking the bay (and a hot shower) for night two sounds like a real bonus.

Such great initiatives allowed Life’s an Adventure to take home silver awards for NSW tourism in three categories: Adventure Tourism, Eco Tourism and Tour Operator of the Year. Congratulations to them.

Life’s an Adventure currently have a special rate for single travelers on their Bay of Fires adventure tour. Book for 26-28 January 2013 tour and receive the discounted price of $899 per person. From my first-hand experience, I give the whole tour my complete endorsement. This is one of those bucket-list type things to do in Tasmania that you’d recommend in a heartbeat. In fact, thinking back, if I hadn’t kept banging on about how great it was, Tania probably wouldn’t have kept nagging me to write about it. Lesson learned there.

Think Tasmania walked as guests of Life’s an Adventure at the Bay of Fires. We also stayed as guests of Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston before the trip.

Map: Bay of Fires Adventure, Tasmania…

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